Advantages of Rooting Android Phones

1. No need to wait for Software Updates

This is possibly the best feature of Rooted smartphones. Whenever there is an update for Android OS, We need to wait some time so that the manufacturing company releases it for us. Well, it’s not the case when you have rooted smartphone. Most of the latest smartphones are capable of accepting the latest updates but what stops them is that they can only grab an update when there manufacturer releases it officially. So stop yourself from waiting to get the latest features and grab them as fast as you can.

2. Remove Unnecessary Software

Smartphone manufacturers always provide with lot of pre-installed software and app which are of no use. But you cannot uninstall them. Rooting of the android smartphones removes this problem. It provides you with option to remove and delete apps and other useless stuffs which were not possible before. It will help you free up some space in your internal memory and in your RAM.

3. Increase Device Processor Power

Rooting of the android smartphone increases the processing speed considerably. It is even being seen that some of the Nexus devices experienced a 250% increase in their performance. But you need to be an expert to do such type of modification. Don’t try that if you are unaware of this.

4. Customized ROMs

You are free to install different custom ROMS on your device without the limitations of only the Official ROMS. Some of the handset manufactures tweak android in such a way that the real power of android seems to be hidden. CyanogenMod is the best Custom mod available for most of the present smartphones in the talks. It gives you the feel of stock android and provides you to taste the true android power.


 5. Better Battery Backup

Now rooting does enhance your battery backup. Since you can easily uninstall the useless apps, it will help you save the battery which was being consumed in the background for running them. Even the customs ROMS are designed in such a way that they are free from the unnecessary applications and other not wanted things. This may not increase your battery backup significantly but does make sure that it is not being wasted in useless applications.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Phones

Just like the two sides of the same coin, Rooting also has some of the disadvantages which can though not be considered and can easily be overcomes, But should be kept in mind before rooting any smartphone.

1. Manufacturer’s Warranty Void – This is the major problem why a person do not consider rooting their android smartphones. Rooting your android device will void the warranty hence in case of any future damage your Handset Company won’t be working for you for free. However you may remove this problem by rooting your smartphone once the warranty period is over. In that case you won’t have anything to loose.

2. Dead Phone – Rooting any android phone may result in a dead phone. Means if you didn’t follow the steps correctly, or any technical issue happens, or you have used any corrupt zip file, it may result in a dead and bricked phone. You may have to visit manufacturing service centre and pay an amount for making it work again. It may in some cases also not work and may be permanently dead. Hence always make sure to perform the rooting only when you are sure about and you have some idea about what is being done. Try to follow steps and procedures correctly.