Evolution of Mobiles phone technology

Technology has continued to progress day and night, and it has opened the doors to a complete new world. We have come far from the time of brick sized mobile phone with the hardest keypads and monochrome screens, to the world of beautiful smartphones which can be operated with the slightest touch, and even gestures.

Touch screen created a lot of hype when it was used in a smartphone by Apple Inc. and completely changed the era of mobile phones.

The technology didn’t stop here, and took us a bit further by making user interface that can be even controlled by our gestures, or even our voice.

The sophisticated voice recognition technology is the technology of the future, and is widely implemented in the latest gadgets. The power to control a device simply by speaking up commands seems incredible.

In the words of Arthur C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

Android voice commands were basically introduced targeting the class of people who make extensive use of technology, and need to interact with their device while doing some other work like driving, taking notes, preparing food, etc.

The complete wireless technology made the dream of talking machines come alive. The Android voice action is particularly useful if you are driving your car, and you need to make some urgent calls, but you cannot afford to take your eyes off the road. All you need to do is connect your Android device to the stereo system of your car, press the microphone icon on your device, or else simply say a particular code to wake it up, and say your order.

These voice commands come handy when you are in their need. The latest mobiles even come with the adaptive voice recognition, which starts adapting to your voice patterns, and keeps learning day by day, providing you the most relevant results as per your query.

There are a number of voice commands which you can use in your day to day life to perform the operations ranging from the simplest ones of calling a person, to complex ones of navigating to a particular destination.

In this post, we shall discuss a few of the most popular Android voice commands which you can easily use in your Android device.
1. The Google Search
The simplest command to begin with is Google search. If you spoke a command, and your device could not find its meaning inside its database, it simply performs an online search of your query on Google, and then provides you with relevant results.

2. Opening an App
Want to open a certain app without looking for it in the collection yourself? Well all you need to do is say “Open” followed by app name. For example, to open Google Chrome on your device, all you would have to do is “Open Google Chrome”. Same command applies to all the apps installed on your device.

3. Calling a Friend
If you are driving a car, using hands free, and you need to make a call urgently, but at the same time you cannot divert your attention from the road to your phone’s screen, then this is the command for you. All you need to speak here is the keyword “Call” followed by your contact name. Something like “Call Carl Smith”, and your call would be connected immediately.

4. Go to a website
In this command, if you wish to navigate to a website, you will speak “Go to” and then website address. Example: “go to Google.com”

5. Setting an Alarm
To set up wake up alarm for 7 am, use Android voice command, “Set alarm for 7 am”. You can even have another option like “Set alarm for 40 minutes from now”.

6. Sending a message
Suppose you want to send a message to your friend Smith saying ”Call me after 5 minutes”, then the command you would use is, “Send SMS to Smith, message, Call me after 5 minutes”.

7. Calling a Number
To dial a number not in your contact list, all you would do is simply say “Call”, followed by the mobile number.

8. Navigation
Use Android voice action “Navigate to Local Airport” would start the navigation service on your device using your GPS system.

9. Take a Self-note
Just say “note to self” followed by your note, like “note to self, remember to call Smith”.

10. Send E-mail
Use the android voice command “send email to” followed by “subject” and then “message”. Example: “send e-mail to Smith, subject meeting, message meet me at 5 this evening”.

11. Add a calendar event
Use Android voice action to create a sample calendar event like, “Create a calendar event: Corporate meeting in office, Monday at 5’o clock”.

12. Post an update on Google Plus
Simply say “Post to Google Plus” followed by your message, to add a post on Google’s social network.

13. Define a Word
The Android voice command “Define”, followed by an unknown word, would bring up the words matching to your word.

14. What’s this Song?
On receiving this query, your Android device would listen to the currently playing song, and then provide you with details of the song from the music store.

15. Scan a Barcode
Just saying “Scan a barcode” will open a barcode scanner on your device.

16. Listen to a particular song
To listen to your favorite song, you just need to use Android voice command “Listen to” followed by the track name, artist, or album name.

17. View a map
Use the Android voice action to view map of a particular location with the command, “Map of” followed by the location name.

18. Get Directions
Simply say “Get direction” followed by your destination name, to open your maps, and view your route.

19. Play
Simply say “Play” followed by your song name to play that particular song on your device.

20. Set an Appointment
Use Android voice command, “Schedule appointment with” followed by your contact name, “at” time and date.