I hope that most of you have heard about iSight, the camera of iPhone. Nowadays many questions are raising in the mind of the people that whether they should upgrade their iPhone to iPhone 5S or not. The iSight camera is going to be one of the most effective factors in the marketing of the iPhone 5S.

Every day, unlimited pics are taken either with iPhone or may be with any other camera. Camera is one of the most preferred features in a smartphone nowadays which provides value to the smartphone among the customers. Everybody wish to have a smartphone with a camera which gives amazing pics either in dark or light.

Now what is special in iSight camera? What are its fabulous features? I am mentioning them here:

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Redesigned Camera Sensor

What is special in iSight camera of iPhone 5S as compared to iPhone 5? iSight camera of iPhone 5S captures beautiful images at 8MP making a huge difference. Bigger pixels means better quality pics. And this is an advancement in iPhone 5S which makes it more popular. Light affects photos a lot. Not only regarding the subject, but how sensitive your camera’s sensor is to light. iSight camera works as: A camera’s sensor+ The pixels on it; help it collecting the light. Hence, the larger the sensor and pixels, more the light is collected which generates better, brighter images with true colors and less noise. iPhone 5S features a state of the art sensor that increases the area available for pixel by 15%. Pixels are also larger-1.5 microns exactly. Camera aperture is now ƒ/2.2 to let in even more light. iSight camera on iPhone 5S features an impressive 33% increase in light sensitivity.

True Tone Flash

The new True Tone flash is made up of 2 LED’s, one white and another one is amber. When you take a picture with flash enabled, the iSight camera uses software algorithm to assess the color temperature of the scene. It allows iPhone 5S to determine just the right percentage and intensity of white light versus amber light needed. This results a beautiful shot with more true-to-life colors which is same for the iSight video recordings.

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Faster Focus, Burst Mode

The faster more powerful A7 chip in iPhone 5S includes a new image signal processor which is integrated with the new iSight hardware and camera software, delivering faster photo capture and 2x times faster autofocus. The image signal processor and fast sensor also make burst mode possible, which is used well to capture some activities which is in motion. Burst mode continuously capture 10 photos per second, which gives it too much value and you don’t miss any moment by capturing 100s of pics. Intelligent software algorithm works to analyze the shot in real time, comparing sharpness and clarity and even detecting when someone’s eyes are closed.

Auto Image Stabilization

Auto image stabilization is meant to stable any image which is shaken due to the motion blur or shakiness happened. Often we need to delete some awesome pics just because those are wind up. Auto image stabilization takes four photos with a short exposure time and then the best arts of those photos are combined into a single image with little noise, and little subject motion.

Phenomenal Panorama

The phenomenal panorama option lets you capture a single epic shot with one sweeping motion. Shoot something with varying light, like the sun setting over a cliff and iPhone 5S will automatically adjust the exposure for highlights and shadows. It also photographs the scene at an impressive 30 frames per second, 50% faster than iPhone 5.

HD Video Recording

iSight is used to capture the moments in stunning 1080p HD. You can take still photos as you record. Besides it, iSight camera of iPhone 5S add awesomeness with a slow-motion effect. Whatever you shoot, will never be boring here. The slow motion feature on iPhone 5S lets you capture video at a rate of 120 frames per second in 720p. Besides it, you can zoom in on your subject up to 3x while recording so that you can put the emphasis right where you want it.

These awesome features are making iPhone 5S more awesome. I bet, many of the people will be heading towards iPhone 5S after reading this article, especially those who are fond of photography. You can share your views on iSight camera of iPhone 5S or your feedback using comments.

Source: Apple