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1-      Adjust brightness: You may have your iPhone brightness settings currently at Auto mode. You may think that it will be helpful in saving your battery; however it may be the reason for draining the battery.

The reason is that the Auto sensor always has to judge the surrounding brightness and therefore adjust the screen brightness.

To save your iPhone battery you should rather turn off the auto brightness feature and adjust the brightness to somewhat around 25 to 30 % less than the full brightness.

You may need to place your hand while reading in direct sunlight but this is helping you increase your battery so it’s totally worth.

2-      Turn off push mail: If you are having any push mail account like Yahoo! etc., turn them off when you don’t need them.

After this you will be receiving your messages based on the Global Fetch Settings rather than receiving it in the real time as they arrive. This will help you to save your iPhone battery.

3-      Fetch new data less frequently: You might be keeping your phone completely updated with the latest info as soon as you can. This does drain your battery very much; since every app checks back for new updates regularly.

To save your iPhone battery, you can set at least some of those application to update themselves after an interval. There are already some Global settings for application which do not support push messages.

4-      Minimize use of location services: Location based Applications which actively use location services can considerably reduce battery life and with my personal experience I can say that there is not more than once a day that we need these services which are updated regularly with current location.

Hence to save your iPhone battery you can turn them off when not needed.

5-      Use Airplane Mode in low- or no-coverage areas: There are some areas in which you struggle for cellular network. Just the same as you, your iPhone also struggles to remain in network.

Hence whenever you are aware that you are about to enter in a low network coverage area, preferred to use Airplane Mode, this will prevent the phone from struggling to be in the network.

This is a good practice to save your iPhone Battery. You might be unable to make calls with Airplane mode enabled but then in low network you will still be struggling to make one so it’s better to at least save your iPhone Battery before it drains out.

6-      Disable WiFi and Bluetooth : You might never pay attention while leaving your any Wi-Fi zone that your phone always keeps on searching for available Wi-Fi network. This drains the battery. Whenever you are out of your Wi-Fi zone, do remember to turn off your Wi-Fi. Also check the Bluetooth and turn it off when not needed. This will surely help you to save your iPhone Battery.

7-      Disable Vibration and Reduce Lock down Period: Vibration while ringing is important to alert you for an incoming call however we have the vibration on even when we can hear the ringing. Thus it’s good to turn it off when you don’t need the vibration.

Also reduce the time for iPhone auto lock. This will turn off your screen display faster and thus will help you save your iPhone time considerably.

8-      Turn Off Unwanted Notification: Turn off notification from unwanted apps and those apps whose notifications are not that important to check back regularly.

This will prevent your iPhone from making unwanted signals to notify you hence will help you save your iPhone battery.

9-      Closed Unwanted Apps from Background: Even if you closed your app, some of the apps are not closed completely and are running in background. To close them press the home button twice then touch and hold the app till it enters a bit shaky state.

Finally touch the red color cross symbol for every app you are not needing. This will also help you save your iPhone time considerably.

10-   Install a battery Monitoring app: A battery monitoring app such as Battery Doctor will help you identify which app uses most of your battery, hence you know, which app should be limited or stopped when not needed.