We have decided to cover all the major issues that people are facing after updating their iOS enabled Apple device (Updated from iOS 6 to iOS 7 or iOS 7.0.2)

In this series today we are covering the issue related to “Bluetooth not working after updated to iOS7”reported in Apple’s community.

Many users have reported that they are facing issue in “Bluetooth connectivity” after upgrading their iOS from iOS6 to iOS7.

Major reported issues are

1-      Bluetooth is not recognizing devices that were working / connecting perfectly fine in iOS6.

2-      Bluetooth enabled steering wheel music control system is not working. People are not able to control play/pause/next/previous using their steering wheel iPhone control device.

Apple has not provided any patch for this till now but it seems that it require a manual action from iOS device user.


1-      Clear all linkages from all devices.

2-      Remove ALL devices from the Bluetooth on your automobile.

3-      Turn off your car and wait the few minutes

4-      Go to the Bluetooth on your phone and open up the device that probably reads something like “car multimedia“, and click the ‘remove this device’ button.

5-      Then turn off your Bluetooth on your phone.

6-      Turn your car back on and reconnect your device like you did when you originally did the very first time.

If you are facing issue in paring up any of your Bluetooth devices then first remove all linked Bluetooth device; then turned off and on your device and finally try to reconnect the device as a fresh Bluetooth connection.

I hope above solution will resolve your Bluetooth connectivity issue.