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Bra Sensor will help to monitor overeating habit

It has been observed by scientists that people eat more when they are in stress. Eating your favorite food is a great stress buster; but at the same time overeating can cause weight gain and then you will be stressed again because of the

AliveCor Heart Monitor iPhone Device that can help in prevent strokes

AliveCor developed a special iPhone Case and App (iECG) that help to do an ECG test yourself. University of Sydney researchers found the AliveCor Heart Monitor for iPhone (iECG) is a highly-effective, accurate and cost-effective way to screen patients to identify previously undiagnosed atrial

Withings Blood Pressure Monitoring Device – works with iOS Device

Do you have Low/High Blood pressure problem? It’s not easy for you to go to doctor for regular blood pressure checking. Today we have brought a smart easy to use Blood Pressure Monitoring Gadget for you all. Blood Pressure Monitor from Withings Withings has

iDiabetes – Diabetes Glucose Tracker – iPhone Mobile App for Diabetes

Are you fed-up of keeping track of your blood sugar on a diary? Do you forget to take your Diabetes medicine often? I have one solution for you. Today we have brought a most popular ‘iDiabetes – Diabetes Glucose Tracker’ mobile app for you.

Most popular free android apps for pregnant women

There are lots of “ifs and but” that comes to your mind when you are pregnant. You want to know what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, what not to do, how your baby is growing, how your baby is feeling