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How to get notifications when a friend come online on facebook

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be if you can be notified about the presence (online or offline) of your loved ones. Almost all of us are now the part of the biggest social network “The Facebook”. We all love chatting with

Fake iPhone 5S – iOS7 Style launcher for Android mobiles

Fake iPhone 5S Have you checked whether your brand new Apple iPhone 5S is original or fake? Don’t get tensed. I am just kidding. Believe me your iPhone 5S is original. Actually ‘Fake iPhone 5S’ is an iOS style launcher for Android smartphones. It

Instagram for iOS7 enabled iPhones – Instagram for iPhone 5S

Instagram has updated its iPhone app version on Wednesday, 25 Sep. Instagram made this update to streamline its app with iOS7. In the latest Instagram version (Instagram for iOS7 – version 4.2) have more clear and bigger images for you. You will see following

Free Useful Apps for iPhone5S

In an earlier post I wrote about the best apps which are in-built with iPhone 5S. Besides these apps, there are a lot of another apps which you would love to have in your iPhone, as they are free and awesome. I am going

Most popular free Apps for iPhone 5S – pre-installed free apps

Apps are the first thing any smart device has, and if they are free and awesome, why to wait? Just grab them. Yeah, I am going to discuss the apps which are available for recently launched smartphone by Apple, iPhone 5S for free or

Smartphone battery will tell weather condition – OpenSignal Android App

Very soon your smartphone battery will act as a source of predicting weather condition of your city (or nearby place). A team of smartphone App developers (Android Apps Developer) and Weather expert is working together on a project that use the temperature sensors built

How to send voice message using WhatsApp – WhatsApp Updated

Now you can send voice messages using your favorite smartphone app ‘WhatsApp’. Company has confirmed last week that they have developed that ‘Voice Message’ functionality in ‘WhatsApp’. Company has developed ‘Voice Messaging’ functionality for all four mobile platforms (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows

Top 10 most used smartphone apps in the world – Google Map on top

According to the below chart prepared by Data Analysis Company ‘Statistsa’ and Data Published by ‘GlobalWebIndex’, ‘Google Map’ is most used smart phone app. This data is collected in past month (Q2 2013) and based on total % user worldwide. Facts 1-      3 apps