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Best Facebook Status messages about Wife-No husband will miss it

Facebook Status 1 – Marriage is a workshop, where the husband works and the wife shops 🙂 Facebook Status 2 – My wife and I always compromise. I admit I am wrong and she agrees with me 🙂 Facebook Status 3 – My wife

Top 5 Facebook Apps for Valentine’s Day 2014

So, everyone is getting excited about Valentine’s Day as it is not very far from now. People are trying hard to impress their lovers and want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day at its peak. In meantime, social media sites like Facebook is very popular

Top 5 Card Games on Facebook – Popular Facebook Card Games

Hello all, I know you all love the card games, and that’s why you are here. Facebook is one of the best place for fun on the internet. Here, you can find any kind of games, apps and many more entertaining facilities. Talking about

How to disable Facebook Chat Seen and Typing Notification in Chrome

Facebook Team has been known for releasing several updates to the very famous social networking site. Recently they added up a new feature which lets you know when the person you are in conversation with saw your last message you sent him or her.

How to embed Facebook posts into your blog post

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature which allows bloggers and website owners to embed any Facebook post in their website. In the starting of this feature there were only few reputable sites were allowed to use this Facebook feature like CNN, Mashable and

Latest Facebook tools for Surfacing Conversations

Facebook, the largest social media network! Of course people love to stay here and discuss may be in the form of status, photos, videos, questions, messages/chats or notes. These many features are making Facebook outstanding in the crowd. People love to talk about every

Most Popular Facebook Games – Online Games of the Week

Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment. Facebook is full of entertainment. Most of the users are using Facebook just to enjoy the things on it. There are many forms of entertainment on Facebook like chatting, different kind of apps, games and a lot etc. In this

Facebook apps loving you or cheating you

Hello All, As we know that number of users are rapidly growing on Facebook due to the exciting features and its increasing popularity. Most of the countries are having users on Facebook who are using it for different purposes. The purpose may differ according

Facebook Celebrity only App – Only for VIP members

According to AllThingsD, Facebook is working on a VIP Facebook App (I would like to call it ‘Celebrity Only FB App’). As the name indicate this Facebook App will be available for ‘Celebrities’ only. This ‘Celebrity Only FB App’ will help celebrities to interact

Facebook acquired Mobile Technologies – developer of Jibbigo

Facebook has acquired ‘Mobile Technologies’ (Developer of world’s first speech to speech translator app JIBBIGO for iPhone and Android both). ‘Mobile Technologies’ founded in 2001, it developed Jibbigo, an app for iPhone and Android. It is world’s first speech-to-speech translator on a phone that