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Samsung Gear Fit Screen protector and Fitness band Dual Charger

What is the most important or I would rather say most valuable accessories for smartphones or smart gadgets? Great question…. Don’t you think so… well answer is really simple – For me most important accessories are:- 1-      Screen Protector – To keep its screen

Five must know facts about Samsung Gear Fit

Today we are talking about Samsung next generation wearable smart gadget ‘Samsung Gear Fit’. It’s a combination of Fitness gadget and Smart Watch. Let’s explore five important feature of ‘Samsung Gear Fit’ that you must know before buying it. 1-      Samsung Gear Fit comes

Samsung Galaxy Glass – Next generation Smart Glass

Couple of years back Samsung was known for home appliances (e.g. Washing Machine, Fridge and TV etc.) then it emerge as smartphone giant (specially for Samsung Galaxy series) and last year it releases its first wearable gadget ‘Samsung Galaxy Gear’ and Samsung Galaxy Gear

What is Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box – Amazon Fire TV Gaming Console

What is Amazon Fire TV? Amazon launched its first video streaming and gaming console hardware device in the form of a ‘Set Top Box’. It’s not a dongle type device like ‘ChromeCast’. It is a complete solution that solves the purpose of ‘ChromeCast’ (Video

Top 5 Google Glass Apps that Will make it More Useful

Hello Friends, So, you all must be well known about Google glass yet as it has been enough time, since it was launched. Google glass is an awesome invention by leading tech company Google. Do you own one Google Glass? Are you one of

Reverse Image Search – How to search by Image

Reverse Image Search – It is a process in which you search about an Image or Image related content through Image. Seems a bit complex…. Let me simplified it. How we usually search things on web? We open any search engine (e.g. Google) and

How to compare two excel sheets or files-Free online comparision tool

Recently I came across to a problem where I have to compare the data of two excel sheet. Files were large enough so it was a tiring time taking job for me to compare those files with naked eyes. Then I jumped to Google

Google Helpout – A new market place for buyer and seller

Google has recently launched its latest web product – ‘Google Helpout’. I have just visited ‘Google Helpout Website’ and believe me they have come up with a novel idea of business of helping others. Google Helpout is a place where people can help each

How to Track lost laptops and smartphones

Hello all, Sometimes dreams are so bitter. And sometimes, these bitter dreams may become true. Oh, I forgot to tell. I am talking about a dream I had few days before which was so scary. Guess, what was it? I have lost my laptop.

Why I Hate Smart Watches

If you are unaware of the smart watches yet, you should have a look at my article, in which I have wrote about Samsung Galaxy smart watch. Smart watch is a new technology, and hence it is liked by many people. New technology means,