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How to lock keyboard and mouse without locking PC screen

Have you ever be in a situation in which you want to lock your mouse and keyboard but also want to see the content/app running on your windows PC? Let me give you some scenarios 1-      You are watching a movie on your PC

Best voice messaging app Line now available for windows

Okay so this is for sure that you all must know about the famous smartphone chatting app ‘Line’. Now imagine how nice would it be if you could just make calls from your PC to iPhones, androids, Blackberry and even Windows. You might be

Free Photo Editing software Skitch for android, Mac, Windows and iOS devices

Frankly speaking some of the most used photo editing software is a really complicated and I don’t think that it is a good idea to use hefty software like Photoshop for small tweaking or just to highlight some portion of an image. If you

Windows 8.1 Preview Free Download

If are thinking that Windows latest OS version is Windows 8 then I am really sorry that you are not updated with latest technology news. Microsoft has recently launched its next generation OS that is also known as ‘Windows 8.1 Preview’ or ‘Windows 8.1

Top 5 Free and Paid Antivirus to download – Virus Free Computing

Quick Heal Antivirus Quick Heal is the best antivirus program. Once you have purchased and installed it in your system, forget about its protection. It also has a feature of native boot scan which scans your files and data even before they are actually

How To Format EFI System Partition – Using Windows

A thought came in my mind that though I am having 1 TB of hard disk, why it is only showing 931GB. Although I was pretty sure about the fact that there may be some system reserved space which is making it less. Still