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Samsung Gear Fit Screen protector and Fitness band Dual Charger

What is the most important or I would rather say most valuable accessories for smartphones or smart gadgets? Great question…. Don’t you think so… well answer is really simple – For me most important accessories are:- 1-      Screen Protector – To keep its screen

Five must know facts about Samsung Gear Fit

Today we are talking about Samsung next generation wearable smart gadget ‘Samsung Gear Fit’. It’s a combination of Fitness gadget and Smart Watch. Let’s explore five important feature of ‘Samsung Gear Fit’ that you must know before buying it. 1-      Samsung Gear Fit comes

Samsung Galaxy Glass – Next generation Smart Glass

Couple of years back Samsung was known for home appliances (e.g. Washing Machine, Fridge and TV etc.) then it emerge as smartphone giant (specially for Samsung Galaxy series) and last year it releases its first wearable gadget ‘Samsung Galaxy Gear’ and Samsung Galaxy Gear

What is Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box – Amazon Fire TV Gaming Console

What is Amazon Fire TV? Amazon launched its first video streaming and gaming console hardware device in the form of a ‘Set Top Box’. It’s not a dongle type device like ‘ChromeCast’. It is a complete solution that solves the purpose of ‘ChromeCast’ (Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 handwriting to text not working

Whenever any new gadget comes into the market it brings a lots of issues and bugs as well (Nothing can be bug free). Samsung has recently launched ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 3’. People have started exploring its features and bugs too. One of the major

Samsung Galaxy Gear-A Smart Watch for Smart Generation

SmartWatch? What is it? Obviously this question has struck into your mind after reading the heading above. Yeah, Samsung has launched a Smartwatch named as Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear is now officially announced and it is very unlike for anything which has been

Samsung Galaxy Note III complete review with hardware and software specs

Samsung Galaxy Note III Review Finally Samsung Galaxy Note 3 specifications have been announced by Samsung in IFA event at Berlin just few hours ago. As expected Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is having lots of new design tweaks and fully loaded with next gen

First Look of Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch Prototype Specs

Thanks to VentureBeat for sharing first look of ‘Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch’ prototype (as per sources). As we mentioned that is just a prototype because Samsung is very strict to its product securities and don’t believe in revealing much about any product before

Free iOS app for chromecast users launched by Google

Google introduced it magical device ‘ChromeCast’ few weeks ago and today (27th Aug) Google has officially released its iOS app for ChromeCast users who wants to stream their media from iOS device (iPhone & iPad) to their HDMI port enabled TV. Description ChromeCast is

How to connect iPhone and Mac PC – iFlashDrive

It is not for iOS devices to transfer data to Mac or PC using a flash drive. There are instances when users have to transfer data from their iOS device to their Mac/PC (storage is full on iOS device or some urgent data transfer