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Reverse Image Search – How to search by Image

Reverse Image Search – It is a process in which you search about an Image or Image related content through Image. Seems a bit complex…. Let me simplified it. How we usually search things on web? We open any search engine (e.g. Google) and

Google Helpout – A new market place for buyer and seller

Google has recently launched its latest web product – ‘Google Helpout’. I have just visited ‘Google Helpout Website’ and believe me they have come up with a novel idea of business of helping others. Google Helpout is a place where people can help each

How to customize new tab page of Google Chrome Browser

Feeling bored seeing the same simple and without life new tab window in your chrome browser. If is yes then it’s time to be creative now. “Currently” is a Google Chrome extension which helps you renovate your new tab windows completely. It lets you

How to Remove Your Email Address from Unwanted or spam Sites

I bet you have your email id registered with a number of sites. In present scenario having an email id and then providing them for most of the online activity on any site is compulsory. These are done to ensure your own safety. For

Book your train ticket using IRCTC smartphone app

Indian Railway and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) provides online passenger reservation system for trains. Anyone can register at IRCTC and can get reservation by payment through online banking, credit card, debit card etc. and need not to go at the reservation window for booking

YouTube new commenting system powered by Google+

YouTube, the most famous name in the internet world for videos, has recently launched a new feature for commenting system. YouTube has announced a special feature, which will allow you to see the comments of the people, you care about. New tools will also

Google Chrome is searching more faster and simpler – Chrome Updates

Google Chrome has rolled out a new feature today that will save your few more valuable milliseconds while using chrome. Google has added a ‘Streamlined New Tab page’ to Google Chrome. If you use Google Search as your default search engine, the next time

How to Move Email from a specific sender to a folder in Outlook

If you are an Outlook user and you are using it in the default way, all your emails would be going in your Inbox. It is not a problem from  you using default inbox options until you start getting lots of emails daily. If

Free Internet Download Manager EagleGet – Download YouTube Videos

EagleGet – Free Internet Download Manager IDM (Internet Download Manager) no doubt is the best download manager but the only problem with this software is that it is not free. However, if you are looking for something similar but you don’t want to pay

South Koreans have highest internet connection speed and yours?

Today, in our ‘Chart of the Day’ section we are talking about ‘Internet connection speed’ worldwide. According to the Q1 2013 data captured by AKAMAI, ‘South Korea’ is leading in providing fastest average internet speed in the world. South Koreans people are getting an