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iOS 7 Jailbreak-planetbeing- iOS 7 Jailbreak will be available soon

There is good news for those who love freedom with jailbreak iOS. @planetbeing member of the popular jailbreak team ‘evad3rs’ tweeted yesterday that their team is very close to jailbreak for the iOS7. According to the tweet sent by @planetbeing – Their team is

Apple iOS 7 – Control Center

We have decided to share all new apps and updates about Apple iOS7 so in this series today we are sharing a tutorial about ‘Control Center’ – newly introduced feature in Apple iOS7. How to access Control Center? You can access Control Center from

How to block a specific e-mail sender in Outlook

Is someone made you really pissed off by his regular useless or spam emails which you do not want to receive. Well, then you can simply block him and sit back and relax. In outlook you can block a particular email address form which

Apple iPhone 5S iSight Camera-Most Popular Camera Ever

I hope that most of you have heard about iSight, the camera of iPhone. Nowadays many questions are raising in the mind of the people that whether they should upgrade their iPhone to iPhone 5S or not. The iSight camera is going to be

What is iPhone 5S TouchID Fingerprint identity sensor

Now we all knows that Apple iPhone 5S is world first smartphone that has fingerprint identity sensor feature (TouchID). What is TouchID? In simple words, “TouchID is fingerprint identity sensor functionality that will allow a user to open a iPhone by identify their fingerprint”.

Microsoft to Acquire Nokia Devices and Services Business

It might be good news for windows phone lovers that, “Microsoft and Nokia is entering into a business transaction in which Microsoft will purchase substantially all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business, license Nokia’s patents, and license and use Nokia’s mapping services. Microsoft will pay

iOS users like paid smartphone apps more than android users

According to the Chart published by ‘Statista’ and data source (App Annie) iOS device users prefer paid apps more than Android device users. Below chart is showing comparison about free and paid apps downloaded by iPhone, iPad and Android device users. Well this chart

After Google Glasses-ThinkGeek have introduced LazyGlasses

Have you imagined how it feels if you can read your favorite thriller novel while lying flat on your back and that too without holding novel up on your hand? Is it possible to see your flat screen TV while lying flat on your

Your urine can recharge your mobile battery – The power of Pee

Do you know the power of your PEE (Urine)? Don’t give me a tough look. I am really serious about the above question. It can generate enough power that is sufficient to recharge your mobile battery. Scientists from the U.K.-based Bristol Robotics Laboratory claim

Apple still no-1 brand in smartphones in US-40% people using Apple

Statista (A Data Analysis Company) released a chart that covers data about ‘Smartphones market share in the US in Q2 2013’. They captured % data of smartphone subscriber. Top 5 facts from chart 1-      40% people in US use smartphones from Apple. 2-      Apple