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As we know that number of users are rapidly growing on Facebook due to the exciting features and its increasing popularity. Most of the countries are having users on Facebook who are using it for different purposes. The purpose may differ according to the needs and wishes of a user. I am listing few of them:

  • Social Communication
  • Chatting with Friends
  • Playing Games
  • Earning Money
  • Popularity

And many others may also be added in this list. Today I am going to discuss about Facebook applications especially in this post. What are these Facebook applications? How they are used? Why they are used? These are few questions regarding Facebook apps; we are going to have a look in this article:

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What are Facebook applications?

Facebook applications are platform for a developer to develop his/her program using Facebook. Facebook applications are platform for a normal user to use the applications for various purposes like gaming, entertainment, fun and any other it may be. Most of the users on Facebook are using these Facebook applications. To create an application, there are different platforms and tutorials which can be used.

How Facebook applications work?

For a user to use any of the Facebook applications, he/she has to provide access to the application for the information it is asking for. Generally, these apps ask for the permission to have access on the profile picture, gender, friend lists etc. Some apps will ask for permission to access the messages and chat also. When a user gives the access to the applications, applications use them in their working like displaying results, game profiles and many more.

Benefits of Facebook Applications:

There are always pro and cons with every service which we use. Nothing is perfect and it is so with Facebook apps. How they can be useful? Let’s have a look:

1-     Connecting Other Social Networks

Connecting other social network account make it easy to handle them while using Facebook or use Facebook while using those social networking sites like you can post on Facebook using twitter by allowing access to the twitter app. Same can be done for pinterest and other social networking sites too.

2-     Playing Games:

Facebook gaming has become a huge source of entertainment nowadays. Facebook games allow users to play using their Facebook profiles. Users can also play with the persons who are not in the friend list in few games, and such games are gaining more popularity day by day like Poker, Howzat Cricket, Tic-Tac-Toe games etc. These games also help in making new friends of different countries along with entertainment.

3-     Funny Applications:

Another source of entertainment are these funny applications. These apps are not specific apps, but you can differentiate them according to their behavior. Here are a few examples of this kind of apps:

  • How to know who has a secret crush on you?
  • How much your partner loves you?
  • Who is your valentine?
  • Your top 5 friends.
  • When will you die? etc .

I think now you have understood the category, I am talking about and most of the readers may have used these apps for fun. These apps tell you the result by accessing your personal information generally like messages, mutual friends, likes, comments etc.

4-     Website Login

Website login is one of the best uses of Facebook apps for website owners. This feature allows a website owner to create an option of login using Facebook directly for Facebook users, so they don’t need to sign up separately for different websites and signing up on Facebook is enough for them.

5-     Blog Commenting

Yeah, a good use for bloggers also. Facebook apps allow commenting on a blog directly by Facebook account. Many bloggers’ main source of traffic is Facebook and they receive a huge traffic who wish to comment, but don’t wish to create another profile just for blog commenting and they can use Facebook commenting system.

Demerits of Facebook Applications

1-     Wastage of Time

Yup, it is true in most of the cases. Young generation is being addicted to Facebook apps (generally games). They spend hours continuously on playing games. But this is not good for their profession as well as health as it may affect the light of the eyes. Even it is affecting the study of students very badly. I have seen many cases like this. In fact, there was a time when I was also getting addicted to games, but it is fortunate that I am back on the right track (Ha ha ha). Playing Facebook Games are good as an entertainment sources, but getting addicted to these apps is very dangerous.

2-     Wrong Impact

Some apps are affecting in a wrong way to the users by providing misguiding information. You may have also seen apps describing “How to know your profile visitors”, but there is no such facility is provided by Facebook and no application track it. Avoid using such kind of misguiding applications.

3-     Spamming

Facebook applications are being widely misused in the form of spamming. No. of spammers are increasing continuously. If you are unaware of spamming, have a look

What does Spamming Mean?

Spamming is a process of electronic messaging system to send unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising indiscriminately. Usually spam is termed for e-mail spam due to the majority, but the term is applied to similar abuses in other media also like Spamming in blogs, Mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam etc. Spamming is economically viable because advertisers have no operating costs beyond the management of their mailing lists, and it is difficult to hold senders responsible for their mass mailings. In recent years, no. of spams has increased widely. A person who spams is known as a spammer.

How does Spamming Affects?

After e-mails, Facebook is one of the biggest target of the spammers as the most no. of users are found on the Facebook and unaware of these spams and click the unknown links. Spammers use Facebook applications to spread their network. When a user clicks on a spam link, the link leads to ask for a permission to allow the application to access the user’s profile and when he/she allows, the application is being used to spam using that user’s profile by wall posting or messages, and hence spammers increase their network. Sometimes, these spams lead to such images, links which are dangerous, may contain malware and these malware may enter into the user’s system. It is advised to use Internet Security tools for protection from malwares.

Note: Avoid any application which is asking permission to access chat as it will directly send messages (of which you are unaware) to your friend list without giving you any more warning which may harm your reputation too.

4-     Security Issues

Allowing your different social networking sites or different websites to use with Facebook applications have a demerit as if any user losses access to the Facebook account or his/her account is hacked, then he/she may have to loss all the information stored in different places.


My final words for this article will be that allow only those apps to access that you can trust and you really need them. If you are not using any app any more, remove it from your apps list by visiting Account Settings>Apps.

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