Facebook App, Facebook VIP App, Facebook Special app for celebrities, Facebook CelebritiesAccording to AllThingsD, Facebook is working on a VIP Facebook App (I would like to call it ‘Celebrity Only FB App’).

As the name indicate this Facebook App will be available for ‘Celebrities’ only.

This ‘Celebrity Only FB App’ will help celebrities to interact with their Fans. They can see what people are talking about and they can see all the like/share/comments relate d to their activities on single place.

Currently Twitter is first choice of interaction for all celebrities as it provides #Tag (to check what is trending), It provides facility to check what people are responding using @User reply option.

Facebook has recently introduced the concept of #Tag and now this new ‘Celebrity Only FB App’ is another move to attract celebrities to use Facebook more and encourage them to share their stuff (status, pic and videos). It will help Facebook to increase celebrity engagement on Facebook.

Currently this ‘Celebrity Only FB App’ is in testing mode and it will be launch soon.

I know if you are a celebrity then you can’t wait it for more…..