Fake iPhone 5S

Have you checked whether your brand new Apple iPhone 5S is original or fake? Don’t get tensed. I am just kidding. Believe me your iPhone 5S is original.

Actually ‘Fake iPhone 5S’ is an iOS style launcher for Android smartphones. It provides exact replica of iOS7 style OS.

Once you install this ‘Fake iPhone 5S launcher’ on your android mobile you will feel like you are using an iPhone 5S.

It has all the visual styles of the iOS 7 theme, it’s got everything you’ve been asking for.

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Fake iPhone 5S Launcher Features
* Smooth Scrolling
* Beautiful “iPhone style” artwork
* Moveable icons (click & drag)
* Integrated quick search
* Supports iPhone, Android and Live Wallpapers
* Caller ID feature

Requires – Android 2.2 and above

Download Fake iPhone 5S iLauncher