Thanks to VentureBeat for sharing first look of ‘Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch’ prototype (as per sources).

As we mentioned that is just a prototype because Samsung is very strict to its product securities and don’t believe in revealing much about any product before launching; but final product will not be far different from this.

VentureBeat mentioned that they got a promotional Video from some trusted source and they pick some stills from that video (see below).

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartphone Prototype Features

  • Screen Size – 3 inch diagonally (and screen is in square shape).
  • Camera- It has a 4 mega pixels camera at strap.
  • Speakers – It has small speakers at clasp.
  • Bluetooth – It is Bluetooth enabled so that user can connect it to Samsung S series smartphone (may final product will connect with all Samsung smartphones).
  • Wi-Fi – It has Wi-Fi feature to directly connect to internet to see your e-mails etc.
  • Battery Life – Well it is expected to have a 10+ hour battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartphone will help you to improve your health

It quipped with several Health related apps and feature.

  • You can measure your heart rate anytime using heart rate monitor.
  • While you are at Gym then Samsung Smart Watch can keep track of your steps, heart rate, calories burned etc.
  • It has apps that can guide you about ‘How to lose weight’, ‘workout to shape your belly’ and ‘how to gain energy’ etc.

Well after smartphones now it’s time to see a Smart Watch war among top gadget players (Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Pebble and Apple).

Pebble has already launched its smart watch in Apr 13 and now it’s Samsung who is going to announce (most probably) in its annual event on 4th Sep 2013 at Berlin and after that Apple has lined up its Gadget revealing event on 10th Sep 2013.

Tell us what you expect from a smart watch?

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