Google Chrome has rolled out a new feature today that will save your few more valuable milliseconds while using chrome.

Google has added a ‘Streamlined New Tab page’ to Google Chrome. If you use Google Search as your default search engine, the next time you open a new tab in Chrome the search bar will be front and center, allowing you to search right away. You’ll also be able to check out current Google Doodles.

Google Chrome updated, streamlined New Tab page, google chrome streamlined New Tab page

I liked Chrome’s new look and feel. As soon as I opened the fresh instance (or a new tab) of Google Chrome it open up with ‘Search Bar’ in the middle with Google Doodles and with the options of my most visited sites/pages. It helps me to open my favorite site quickly.

As soon as you start typing in centered search bar it moves to its original position (on the top as address bar) without flickering.

Apart from it Google has added couple of more options to Chrome

Recently Closed Tabs – Now you can re-visit your recently closed tabs by clicking on ‘Chrome Menu’ then choose ‘Recent Tabs’ option.

chrome updates

Apps- Now you can access your apps page by clicking on colorful ‘apps’ menu available in chrome’s bookmarks bar.

chrome apps menu

If you are not able to see this new feature in your Google Chrome then update it right now.