Hello all,

It has not been a very long time since iOS 7 has been launched. I hope you are here, just because either you have upgraded it to iOS 7 or have got a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, which is iOS 7. So how is your experience with new iOS 7? Are you facing any difficulties? What is your feedback about it? Tell me in the comments after reading this complete guide.

May be you are facing some difficulties, as it is new operating system and users are always not well aware of new things. It takes time always to learn something about new devices and technology. Same is with iOS 7. A problem, which was most seen in the iOS 7 was regarding, what our title says. One other problem was regarding the battery issues of iOS 7, which we have discussed earlier. Coming to the topic:

Many of the users are facing the problem in closing running apps in iOS 7. Earlier in iOS 6 and other versions, we had to double tap the Home button to show the apps running in the background. Then you had to close that by tapping anywhere on the icon. But How to close the running apps in iOS 7, here I explain you how to do this. Let’s have a look:

  • Double tap the home button to see the list of running apps.
  • It is now in full screen.
  • You can see a larger thumbnail of the application, which was the screen at the time of last use of app; along with the icon.
  • Now to close any application, swipe the thumbnails upwards which is pretty much similar to Android devices.
  • You can swipe left or right to visit through the list of running apps.
  • You can use your two fingers simultaneously to close two apps. It may be helpful, if you have to close a lot of running apps.
  • That’s all about it.

Now, this was the method to close any running app in iOS 7. But why to do this? Is it necessary to close the running apps in background?

Earlier in an article I wrote about the battery life issues in iOS7. Background apps are an important factor in the battery life. If you wish to improve the battery life of your iPhone device, it is recommended to close the apps running in background, and are not being used in present. So, I hope you liked this guide and would like to follow it after knowing the fact about the serious issues regarding the battery life.

Conclusion: iOS 7 is a great platform for the mobile phone devices and other gadgets also. New iPhones, iPods etc. are having iOS 7 and they are facing some problems regarding the issues of battery and apps. You can install a lot of apps from app store, but to make proper use of them, you need to understand the requirements. If, you liked this article or have any doubts or suggestions regarding it, use the comments section and let us know. I will be happy to know your feedback. Thank you for reading. Stay updated with us for more cool tricks. Don’t forget to subscribe us