Recently I came across to a problem where I have to compare the data of two excel sheet. Files were large enough so it was a tiring time taking job for me to compare those files with naked eyes.

Then I jumped to Google in a hope that there must be some sort of shortcut or software that will automate this job and luckily I ended up with a great free online solution to my problem.

How to compare two excel sheets or excel files

While looking for solution to compare two excel sheet I found several solution. Few were based on macros. You need to have a macros experience to use that solution.


How to compare two excel sheets or excel files using macros

There are a solution that needs macros knowledge.

Macro To Compare Two Excel WorkSheets – Highlight Duplicate Entries


How to compare two excel sheets or excel files without using macros or any other programming

I found an online tool that provide you comparison between two excel sheets without using any macros or programming language.

I am talking about xlcomparator . It’s a website that provides excel sheet online comparison functionality.

It’s a 3 steps process.

1-      Select both excel files.

2-      Select columns to compare in each files

3-      Download comparison file.

Don’t you think its super easy and cool way to compare excel sheets? One more thing – It is absolutely free and safe. They delete the uploaded files after one hour from their server.