Feeling bored seeing the same simple and without life new tab window in your chrome browser. If is yes then it’s time to be creative now.

“Currently” is a Google Chrome extension which helps you renovate your new tab windows completely. It lets you control every aspect of your designing like choosing the base color and layout etc., which at end of the designing works leave you with a brand new awesome looking theme type display for your new tab window on chrome.


This extension is absolutely free so you don’t need to pay a single penny.

The design includes several elements like Time and Weather information on the new tab window. The design and the transition in the time are very minimalistic. You just need to install the extension and it will automatically change your new tab window.

To adjust some of the display settings and enter address, head over to the gear icon located down below in the corner in right side.

Once you select the settings options you will get options


  • System – for selecting a scale (degree C or Degree F for temperature, you can also input any address, choose the time format and your desired language.
  • Layout – for animation control and seconds toggle
  • Style – for color options
  • Credits – this is just a tab which lists down the name of people behind this.

It has also got a Wonder-list in the right side of the corner at the bottom of the new tab which lists all the important news happenings related to the weather in your region and other related data.

Make your desired new tab window and enjoy your revamped Tab.

You can do some tweaking and settings for your new tab window and you are done. Now each time you will open a new window page it will have your own designed page instead of the old boring page.

If you ever wish to switch back to your regular app page instead of the design page you just need to click on the app icon located in the right corner.

Download Currently | Chrome Web Store