Facebook Team has been known for releasing several updates to the very famous social networking site. Recently they added up a new feature which lets you know when the person you are in conversation with saw your last message you sent him or her.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time on Facebook, you probably know about the changes. But even if you are not you might have noticed recently that whenever you send a message to anyone, and if they are online and in conversation with you, you quickly get a “seen (time at which the message was seen)”

The ‘seen’ notification though may be profitable for you as you know if the person you are in conversation with has seen your message or not. But at times it might be pesky as sometimes when you read someone message but you are busy or not in a mood to reply they made get it wrong thinking that you have seen the messages but still not replied.

facebook unseen

If you ever were in any situation like this and want to prevent others from knowing if you have seen their messages or not, we are here to help you out.

Note: This is only possible when you are using Chrome Web Browser.

Facebook Unseen” is the chrome extension we would be using for this purpose. Once you install this app, it will not let the Facebook Chat API to send the “seen” notification. So from now on, you can easily read messages without them knowing that you actually read it and can take your time to think of a reply or just leave it for some time else.

If the extension color is blue it means it is working and preventing Facebook from sending the seen notification. If it is grey it means it is not active. SO that means you can turn it on and off – It’s your choice.

Other than this you may also have seen the typing notification in your message during the conversation. Now if you have seen a message and using the app to prevent the seen stamp, but you start typing the message they would still know that you are online and read their messages. Well, you can get rid of this as well using the same extension we talked about above.

Download Facebook UnSeen