Facebook recently rolled out a new feature which allows bloggers and website owners to embed any Facebook post in their website. In the starting of this feature there were only few reputable sites were allowed to use this Facebook feature like CNN, Mashable and other group of news publishers but now this feature is available for everyone.

Whenever you embed any Facebook post on your website, it will display exactly the same as it is being shown on the Facebook. It will include the images, ‘hash tags’, videos and of course the normal text message.

Visitors can perform all type of activities they can do normally on a Facebook post like: Liking or sharing from your website, liking Facebook page, or visiting the profile; even they can add comment and can see other’s comments as well; user can share and can even use the drop down menu to get the code for embedding it in their website.

Note: You can only embed posts which are public. The post can be from any Facebook profile or Facebook page but its visibility should be public. To know if a post is public or not just hover over your mouse on the icon after the time of the post.

how to embed facebook post on your blog post

How to Embed Facebook Posts on Blog

Once you find a public post which is interesting enough to be embedded on your website, Click on the arrow icon at the top right corner of that post, the last option will be the “Embed Post” option. Select that option.

how to embed facebook post on your blog post

Once you select that, you will be shown a popup box which will have the code for embedding the post. Copy the code and paste it in your blog post’s or website page’s HTML Code.

how to embed facebook post on your blog post

Few things to be taken care of while embedding the post.

  • You can embed only public posts.
  • If the embedded posts changed or deleted from the original Facebook page or profile then it will also change or disappear from the web page or blog post on which you have embedded it and a message will appear saying it’s no longer available.
  • The size of the embedded post will be the same as it is on the Facebook page and you cannot change it.
  • Just like the “See More” functions on the long posts on Facebook, it will also be added to your embedded Facebook post if the post is long. The visitor can then click on ‘see more’ to read the whole post on your website.
  • Video Posts can be played directly on your web site.
  • If you get some trouble in embedding the code on your wordpress website, here’s a tip for you. First complete your whole post and all the necessary stuffs except the embedding. Now at last just before publishing the post copy the code as told earlier and then switch to “Text View” paste the code at the location you want, and then directly click on publish. Do not switch to visual mode as it may alter and mess up with the code.
  • For seeing the Embedded Post on the website, you need to be logged into Facebook as the Facebook profile and not as a Facebook page. In case you are not, you will see an option to switch back to your Facebook profile, once you click that you will now be logged in as Facebook profile and then you can see the embedded post.