A thought came in my mind that though I am having 1 TB of hard disk, why it is only showing 931GB. Although I was pretty sure about the fact that there may be some system reserved space which is making it less.

Still I went through the device manager to see, what was taking the actual space. I notice two EFI partition, which were still there counting for 24GB of space. These were created by me when I once installed Ubuntu on my System. Since I was not running Ubuntu now, I thought of a way on how to format EFI system partition.

It cannot be done the normal way as these partitions are being marked as System partition and windows won’t allow you to play with these partitions in any manner.

I tried seeing the menu for the options but it didn’t show any option. I also tried searching over the internet but seriously speaking, either the given steps were not working or were too advanced for me to perform. So I took another way.

Below are the steps on how to Format EFI System Partition.

  1. Go into RUN and type “compmgmt.msc”. This will open the Disk Management. Go to the Disk Management Option and after some time it will list all the partitions on your system. Look for a partition which is being marked as EFI System partition.

What is EFI Partition, How to format EFI Partition, Why Harddisk not showing actual storage size

  1. You must be aware that you are not formatting any partition which contains Boot Information. Windows won’t allow doing so. Once identified follow the steps below
  2. To format EFI system partition, you will need to use CMD. As the normal way is not possible.
  3. Hence Go to RUN and type CMD and then press OK.
  4. This will open the CMD
  5. Now first type DISKPART . You will be presented with the no of internal and external hard disk connected in your PC or laptop. Identify which of them has the EFI partition in that. Based on that type SELECT DISK 0 . HERE 0 SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH THE DISK NO YOU WANT TO SELECT. IF YOU WANT TO SELECT DISK 1, THEN TYPE SELECT DISK 1. After that it will select the disk 1. Now to show the partition type LIST PART . This will list all the partition on the selected disk. Now to select the EFI SYSTEM PARTION which you want to format type SELECT PART 1 . HERE 1 is the number of partition from the list before you which you want to format.
  6. Now It will show that partition as active. After that type DELETE PART OVERRIDE or DELETE PARTITION OVERRIDE . If the selected partition does not have any file which is needed by the OS like the boot information etc. it will delete that partition successfully.

What is EFI Partition, How to format EFI Partition, Why Harddisk not showing actual storage size

Now once you deleted that partition open your DISK management window as told earlier. You will see a block saying unallocated space. This is the space freed from the successfully deleted partition. Right click on that and select new volume. Then choose the desired option and click ok. It will create a new partition and once you do that open your computer and you can see your new partition there.

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