Have you ever wondered how nice it would be if you can be notified about the presence (online or offline) of your loved ones. Almost all of us are now the part of the biggest social network “The Facebook”.

We all love chatting with our near and dear ones making friends and socializing. You are really happy to see that green signal in the chat box which shows you that the person you want to talk is now available for you. But what if you were busy in something else and you missed the time they were online? That’s pretty bad.

Is it possible to know each and every time in any way, when those special people are online? Well, it is. You heard it right. You can now set notification which will notify you about that special person you want to chat once they are online.

How to set Facebook notifications?

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It’s good news for both iOS and Android smartphone owners; as there are applications available for both types of owners.

For the android owner there is an app called “Facebook Online Friends Notify” and for the iOS people there is an app called “Fav Alert“; both these app helps you set reminders for someone you want to reminded about. So you will be getting notification of only those people you choose for and not anybody else.

So no matter you want to be reminded about someone whom you want to talk or someone from whom you want to escape by logging out. Just set a reminder and once the app notifies you about them you can do so as you feel like.

How this app works?

Once you install the app, you will have to sign in using your Facebook app and grant it the permissions.

Now you need to click and choose the people you want to be notified about when they are online and you are done. You have just made your smartphone a little smarter.