As we all know that recently apple has launched a new operating system iOS 7 with the launch of iPhone 5C and iPhone5S. And, as always here are also some pros and cons in iOS7, being the battery life as a main issue for it. As compared to iOS 6, iOS 7 is demanding much power for normal uses even. But, there are some ways you would like to apply on your iOS 7 and save the battery life, I am going to mention in this article. Let’s have a look:

  1. Turn off the services, which are not in currently in use: This is one of the very useful ways and will save too much power of your battery. There are many services, which are not being used by the iPhone currently but still they are running. And, if they are working, they will waste the battery power too. So, it is suggested to turn off these kind of services. Few are mentioned here:
    • Background Apps: You should consider turning off the background apps, which are wasting unnecessarily the battery power and keeps on updating or refreshing the content, which is not needed anyhow. You can turn these off by visiting the Settings>>General>>Background App Refresh manually.
    • Automatic Updates: This feature allows you to keep updated with latest features of any app, but this may be power consuming and you consider it turning off, when you really do not need it, or out of power. This feature can be disabled from Settings>>iTunes and apple store.
    • Siri’s Raise to Speak: Turn it off by Settings>>general>>Siri. This will be a lot helpful in power saving.
    • Locations: Some apps keep you tracking, but you really do not need them to track you. Hence, go to Settings>>Privacy>>Location Services and turn off the app and service, you do not want to track you.
    • Spotlight: Spotlight constantly crawls for the data and indexes it. This feature may be turned off, if you do not rely on it heavily by visiting Settings>>General>>Spotlight Search.
    • Push Notifications: Many apps are there, which you need in your iPhone, but you don’t need to be alerted about them. Then why not to turn off the notifications about them? Go to Settings>>Notification and turn off any app, which you wish.
  2. Restore your phone as a new device: it may sound little weird, but it may be sometimes a good fix for your battery life. Of course, I am not talking about the backup-restore, but I am talking about restoring it as a whole new device. You will lose your data, your settings, apps, and much more, but in most cases it will let your battery life be better than ever.
  3. Re-Calibration: Re-calibration is basically meant to check the strength of the battery level of your iPhone. You should check it by using your iPhone’s battery to its full power and charging it to its maximum and check its performance. It will provide you more realistic ideas regarding the performance of battery power.
  4. You should turn-off the Wi-fi of your iPhone device, when not in use, so that there is no unnecessary data transfer and it will also help in saving battery power.
  5. Brightness of the screen:  Keep the brightness of the screen low in order to improve battery power. More brightness will consume more power.
  6. Use of Headphones: This may also be helpful while listening to the music on your iPhone, instead of using the speakers.

Using above mentioned best methods will help you in solving the battery issues in iOS7. If you are still facing too much problems regarding the battery life, you should get a help from apple store and they will fix it.

If you are having any more suggestions for improving the battery life of your iOS 7, those are most welcomed. Don’t forget to comment below.