Have you ever be in a situation in which you want to lock your mouse and keyboard but also want to see the content/app running on your windows PC?

Let me give you some scenarios

1-      You are watching a movie on your PC while preparing a coffee for you and your small kid is around your PC. If your kid not found you around he/she will bang on keyword or mouse and may close your media player or shut down the PC.

2-      You were downloading a big size file from internet and suddenly your kids come and press some keys on keyboard and close your download.

3-      Your kids are watching a cartoon movie on PC or chatting with their grandparents over a chatting app and your kid bang on keyboard and close the media player or chatting app.

I know now you are thinking that these are daily life scenarios and most of us face it very frequently.

So what is the solution of this problem? Lock your system using “Windows + L” keys. Yes it could be a solution but it also close your PC screen and you will not be able to see anything on your screen. So it is not a solution that you are looking for.

Now today we are providing an easy to use and absolutely free solution of your problem. We are talking about ‘KeyFreeze’; this software has been software developed by ‘JitBit Software’.

KeyFreeze is a free application for windows PC that blocks your keyboard and mouse without “locking” the screen. So your kids can safely watch a cartoon or have a video chat with their grandparents and bang the keyboard all they want.

How to lock your keyboard and mouse using KeyFreeze?

1-      Download KeyFreeze

2-      Install it. (It will create a desktop icon to start this app.

3-      Double Click on desktop icon of ‘KeyFreeze

4-      You’ll see a five second countdown, just long enough to rearrange any application windows to suit your needs.

How to unlock your keyboard and mouse using KeyFreeze?

1-      Just press ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ keys to unlock your system and you’ll be able to carry on as normal.

How was your experience with this software? Share with us. We like to hear your suggestion and feedback about our article. It will help us to provide more useful content in future.