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As you all know, that YouTube is the largest store of the videos on the internet. Here, you can find your favorite videos easily which are full of entertainment, enjoy and fun. You can listen them, download them, like and dislike them, save for future playing and many more features are there. Now, talking about the smartphones, it has become easier to watch YouTube videos in the smartphones, which you can carry out anywhere easily due to the few awesome applications and new features coming regularly in the market.

But, the title is not about playing any YouTube video, but it says about playing YouTube video in the background in iOS. So, if you are waiting for the solution and having any trouble regarding this issue, you should consider following the guide below. Let’s start:


What is the problem being faced while surfing YouTube videos in iOS?

In a desktop PC, when you play any video, if you minimize it, it continues to play. You can listen it and keep working different tasks along with it. While playing any YouTube video on iOS, when you minimize your browser, it will pause and you will not be able to listen the sound of the video also anymore. Means, if your app for playing YouTube videos or the browser playing the video is not in foreground, it will pause. So:


How can you listen YouTube videos in background in iOS?

There is a very simple solution to this problem, which will help you in playing any YouTube video in the background of iOS. Here are the steps, you need to follow in order to do so:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Play any of t your favorite songs on YouTube.
  3. Now, tap the home button and go to home screen. You can simply swipe and switch to another app also alternatively, if you wish.
  4. Oh, the video is paused, what to do next?
  5. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center.
  6. Now, you will see the video-bar. Tap the play button.
  7. Hurray, the video is resumed.
  8. Now, you can switch to any app and keep on working. The video will continue playing in the background.


If you are using any older version on iPhone or iPad, you can still listen the videos in the background, but there is a little change. Instead of swiping, just double tap the Home button, and swipe the notification bar from left to right. Here, is the option. You can press play and resume the video.

So, if you are reading, chatting, playing games or surfing; you can listen the songs on YouTube in background also. Isn’t it pretty cool? I hope, you guys liked the article. If you are having any issues regarding this article and want to ask something, you are most welcome. Just go ahead and comment below. I will be happy to help you. Thanks for reading the article. Have a nice day