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Hacking seems to be one of the most dangerous words while you are surfing on the internet. A nerd is always worried about his/her private information he/she shared. Is his/her private information are being used in a manner what he desires? What information should one enter while surfing and where? I will try to answer all these questions below.

This article is going to be a little bit (not much) long. So, hold your breath and read every point carefully which will always keep you tension free while surfing E-Mails or at any other places too.

E-Mails are one of the most targeted ways of hackers to steal personal information of the victim. Hackers send an e-mail to the victim asking to perform a task which may lead to provide their personal information to the hackers. But I can bet this is not a big deal to secure yourself after you go through the article completely once.

Who is Hacked Generally?

  • People who are unaware of the hackers or people who do not care about what is going on in their account. They just come to read their mails and respond them without confirmation either the mail is original one or sent by hackers.
  • People who have some confidential information in their accounts or at anywhere else on the internet and hackers need that information. These persons may be working in any banking institute, may be accountants and may contain the information of the money storage.
  • Famous personalities are hacked because hackers want to spoil their reputation by performing wrong activities using their account information.
  • People who think that they need not to worry about hackers, just because they do not have any private information to be leaked. Yes, I have seen many people having such attitude “What if someone hacks our account, we will create another one”. Of course they can create another one, but they can’t prevent hackers to misuse their old account which may lead to loss their reputation in the market.
  • People who think hackers are fool. No, hackers care about their reputation and show those persons that they are not fool.

Why Hackers Succeed in E-Mail Hacking?

The only reason behind the success of the hackers just by sending an e-mail is the carelessness or unawareness of the victim. Yes, it may be bitter, but it is true.

Hackers are succeed, because we let them hack.

Keep this quote in mind always and use the tips given below to protect yourself while browsing.

How to Detect Trustworthiness of an E-Mail?

The most important question arises in our mind is “How to know which mail is not original or which mail may be sent by a hacker?” Here is the answer for it:

  • Suspicious e-mail address of the mail sender. Is the mail sent from an original email address, you can trust? Is the content asked or provided in the mail is what you expect to be in the mail. If no, the mail may have been sent from any other source known as Fake Mailers. There are few popular sites like emkei.cz(or may be created by hackers using fake mailer scripts) which allow a person to send e-mail from a desired email address to any email address, no matter to whom this sender email account is associated.

How to know if a Mail is sent using Fake Mailer?

If you want to know either a mail is original or sent from fake address; you need to check the original source of that e-mail. This source consists of the original address of the server of the sender. If the mail is from emkei.cz you can find the domain name of the server containing emkei.cz. If the mail comes from true sources, you will see the original server address instead of any fake mailers. E-Mail service provider companies like Gmail, Hotmail etc. provide an option to check the original source after opening the e-mail.

  • If a company is sending you an e-mail; most probably it will send the mail from e-mail id from its own domain name. For eg.: A company has a website having domain as xyz.com, then it will send mail to its clients from its own email hosting which will look like admin@xyz.com.
  • If any of the email is asking for your password, the email is not original whatever the address of the email sender may be. Any company will not ask for your password ever either to verify any personal information or any security issue.
  • An e-mail is asking you to login the website link provided by them, which may lead to a website on which you have a personal account. This may be a phishing attack. In phishing attack hacker makes you login to a website which is similar to the website which you use to login but not that one and the hacker gets your login id and password.
  • If a mail is having an unnecessary executable file, downloading which may tend to insert tools like keyloggers in your system which are used to monitor your each and every activity you are performing on PC. These keyloggers are installed in your PC in hidden mode.

How to secure yourself from being hacked?

I have described mostly used ways from hackers to attack on a person’s personal information. Now, let me explain how you can secure yourself from these kind of e-mails. In order to secure yourself follow the below points:

  • Never provide your any of the passwords or personal details in any e-mail it is asked for.
  • If a company asks you for any other personal details except your password, please verify is it worth sharing via email or not.
  • If you found an e-mail from a Fake Mailer service, it is better not to reply such e-mails.
  • If an e-mail address links you to a login page; check its URL very carefully before login or try to avoid login from the links in e-mail. If you remember the URL where to login, directly enter that URL in the address bar, so that the chances of phishing attacks reduce to zero.
  • Keyloggers are again one of the most dangerous tools, as they lead to hack all the activities being performed on your PC. To protect yourself from keyloggers, use good and updated antivirus which will not allow the keyloggers to install in your PC. Other methods to protect yourself from keyloggers are using keyscrambler, antiloggers etc. which may be found on internet.
  • Try to avoid using internet in cyber café or public places (Wi-Fi) because there is more risk of tools like RAT(Remote Administrative Tools) which are used to monitor your activities remotely. If a café has keylogger installed in the PC, you are going to provide your password to the café owners.

This is all that I wished to share with my readers regarding the security issues of an e-mail. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask me using comments section.

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