Internet is a source of vast knowledge for everything you are aware and not aware of. We can get our information about in no time with the Internet power.

However just like the two faces of the same coins it also has the demerits along with the merits. Internet is the main source of your children being exploited online and the worst part is most of the time they are not even aware of it.

May be due to curiosity they happen to click on links which somehow makes an impact on them. Especially the irrelevant popups which sometimes turns out to be of abusive and inappropriate can lead them to pages which they should never see.

Being a mature person, you might be aware of what to see or not, but your children are not. However you cannot sit with them every time when they are browsing. Most the time you may even not predict about any link quality and its content; so what to do?

Should we stop our children from browsing Internet?

Should we stop them till they become mature enough to handle these stuffs themselves?

Well not really. Internet as I already said is the major source of information and a great source for your children to learn new things.

Then, what can you do?

Well, Answer to this question is AOL PARENTAL CONTROLS. This is the best tools to take preventive measures for your kid without stopping them to learn more.


AOL PARENTAL CONTROLS is developed by AOL LLC.  AOL Parental Controls helps you in monitoring and customizing your online experience without compromising with their wish to learn and get familiar with the Internet thing.

This tolls helps you make your child’s online experience safe, fun and quite enriching.

Let’s have a look at how it can help you.

Create a Parent Account

This login will be for parents to control and monitor all activities done by your child.

Create Child Account

Your child will use this login to sign-in to AOL Parental Controls for safer web browsing.

Features at a Glance

  • Limits the time your child can be connected to Internet/be online.
  • Keeps the track of how the computer is being used and for what activities.
  • Can Prevent/block desired personal information from being sent via internet.
  • Blocks the display of inappropriate and adult content.
  • Also put a check on content which are termed to be illegal somehow for example drug use or content related to drinking or bomb making.

Other Tools you may consider for this are MyWeb, Kidzui.

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