I bet you have your email id registered with a number of sites. In present scenario having an email id and then providing them for most of the online activity on any site is compulsory. These are done to ensure your own safety.

For example you need to provide an email id and passwords for signing up on social networking sites. And then they act as your login id and ensure that no other can access it as only you have the password and email combo.

For most of the sites we don’t even want to enroll ourselves but then we have to because the site admin made it compulsory. But what if you have changed your email address and want your old email address to be removed from all places you have registered. Or you may be not willing to use some of those ever in your life, then you will definitely want your email address to be removed from their database.

Leaving your email address without being cared or used may cause security issues for your data stored in your email account on their database. So it’s always better to get rid of the sites we are not willing to use any more.

One option is that you can manually go to each and every site you have registered and follow the account deletion/removal process. Well it would really be a cumbersome job.

We have another quick option to provide you with a central control form where you can unsubscribe or remove your accounts.

 JustDelete.me is a website which lists all popular services which require email id credentials. You can identify which one you want to remove and then you can select that. It will direct you to a page of that website where you can withdraw your email address by deleting the account.

JustDelete.me has classified websites into three categories.

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard

IMPOSSIBLE category contains sites like WordPress.com, Wikipedia etc from which you can never remove your email id and credentials. They will keep the record even if you don’t want.

JustDelete.me team has also released a new Chrome Extension.

Click Here To Download

This service is in beta. The developers are working on it to make it better. They are even taking feedback from the users to improve this service. So if you have any suggestion you can contact them via their Contact Us page.