Who is working hard, Companies and phone provider that creates locked phone or the developers that discover the ‘Rooting’ methods?

I know it’s a debatable topic, so let it be endless debate.

We all knows that Verizon rolled out a new locking software VRUAME7 that locked the rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 again.

So today we are sharing latest method about – ‘How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon with VRUAME7 build only) ’ that is ‘VRUAME7’ enabled.

Few Important Points to Note before proceeding:

  • Ensure that your mobile has more than 70 percent battery before you begin.
  • Keep a backup of your ROM in case anything wrong happens.
  • Backup all your contacts, messages, important documents, and other files as they might get wiped during the installation.
  • Follow all the steps carefully in the same order in which they are mentioned.
  • The tutorial is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy S4, and should not be tried on any other device, or it might lead to a brick phone.


Rooting voids your phone warranty. We are not responsible if any damage happens to your device while performing the procedure. So, follow at your own risk.

All the tutorials and download links are collected from internet and various sources. We are not responsible for any damage in your device. Here we are putting our best to collect and publish accurate articles.So, Follow the tutorials at your own risk.

Step 1 – Preparation


  1. Download and Install Samsung Official USB Drivers – Link
  2. Download and Install Android Terminal Emulator on your device – Link
  3. Download the extract the Root Exploit package on your computer – Link

Step 2 – MicroSD Card Preparation


  • Insert a microSD into your device ***Required***
  • Make sure it is formatted as exFAT (not FAT32) ***VERY IMPORTANT***
  • If you have a 64GB microSD card you can use your phone to format it as exFAT by default directly from the Storage settings
  • If you have anything less than 64GB microSD card you may have to use the computer to format it manually as exFAT***If your microSD card is not formatted as exFAT you will see “permission denied” errors when running the exploit***
  • Once formatted, move all files and folders from the Root Exploit package directly onto the root of your microSD card (nowhere else)

Step 3 – Rooting Your Device


  • Open the Android Terminal Emulator app on your phone
  • Run the following 3 commands one after another (capital letters are important)


cd /mnt/extSdCard



  • After running the second command you should have seen your $ change to a # meaning you have root access
  • The third command is required to make this root access permanent
  • After all 3 commands are done, close the Terminal app and check if SuperSU has any update in the Play Store
  • Open SuperSU app and let the binary update itself to the latest (if any updates are available)
  • Once complete, just open a root application and verify that is able to access root properly
  • Reboot your device one time and confirm you still have root acess
  • If all is well you should now be fully rooted on the stock VRUAME7 build of your phone
  • ***Make sure to avoid all future OTA’s to prevent this root method from being patched!***


Disclaimer: Whole credit for ‘How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon (with VRUAME7)’ tutorial goes to XDA forum and their members. We are just sharing it here for your convenience.

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