Rooting as we all know brings up many new advantages over the stock conditions of any smartphone.

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We are here to show you how quickly and easily you can root your Micromax Canvas 4. Micromax Canvas 4 is a brand new flagship device which made enough buzz in the market before its launch. If you have one and if you are willing to root it we are here to help you out.

This method is the easiest and the safest way to root Micromax Canvas 4. Even a person with no prior rooting information or knowledge about rooting will be able to root his Micromax Canvas 4 very easily.

Tools to be used.

Well that’s all what you need. J

Some Pre-Requisite (Pretty Common For all Rooting Cases)

  • It’s good to maintain at least 60 % to 70 % before rooting your Micromax canvas 4. This ensures that your device does not run out of juice and causes a bricked phone
  • Don’t forget to enable USB Debugging. Find for the developer option in the Settings and enable the USB Debugging option there. If you are unable to locate it, head over to “About Phone” option and then tap for 7 times on the Build Number and the developer options will open.
  • It’s good to keep a backup of your data. You never know with these electronics stuffs. You might lose your data without being notified. Also Install proper phone drivers by connecting your phone to the computer.


Rooting/Un-rooting voids your phone warranty. We are not responsible if any damage happens to your device while performing the procedure. So, follow at your own risk.

All the tutorials and download links are collected from internet and various sources. We are not responsible for any damage in your device. Here we are putting our best to collect and publish accurate articles.So, Follow the tutorials at your own risk.

Now, I am assuming you have all these things checked, Let’s head over to the rooting part.

  • Extract Bin4ry’s rooting tool which you downloaded from the link above. After that connect you Micromax Canvas 4 to your PC/Laptop. In the extracted folder look for a file with name “runme”. Double click and run that file. You will see a command prompt. Just type 1 in that for normal mode and press enter.
  • Once completed, Your Micromax Canvas 4 will restart. Check for SuperSU app in your phone. If you found this app installed on your Canvas 4, this means that your Micromax Canvas 4 is rooted.

Note: If you want to unRoot then write press “x” instead of “1″ and then enter.