So, have you got Samsung Galaxy S4? Okay, fine. Have you also set up it for first time? No. Are you planning to buy Samsung Galaxy S4? Here is a quick guide for you, in which I will explain: How to set up Samsung Galaxy for first time.

Samsung galaxy is one of the smartest (most popular smart phone: P) phones of 2013. For setting it for very first time, go through this overview:

Set the time, date and the language

Firstly, your phone will ask you to choose the language, which you would prefer your phone. Set it according to your choice along with the time and the present date. Now, you can tap NEXT. Your phone automatically chooses time and date according to the network.

Set up your Samsung account

Now, you will be asked if you are having a Samsung account or not. There are 3 options, out of which you have to choose one:

  1. Sign in, if you are having an account on Samsung.
  2. Create a new account on Samsung.
  3. Skip the step.

This all depends upon you, what you wish to do.

Set up your Google Account

Setting up a Google account is very important and useful in any android device and hence for in Samsung Galaxy S4. This allows you to use the services associated with Google Play like games, books, different kind of apps, music and video store designed for android. So, when you are asked to set up a Google account, login if you are already having one or just register for it. It is also recommended for security purpose, or in case if you have lost your phone password.

Google Locations on Samsung Galaxy S4

Google locations is used to allow google to keep track of your locations and mobile networks. It will be saved on your device, using which it will remember the details of Wi-Fi connections etc.

Dropbox account setup for Samsung Galaxy S4

Some of you may be well introduced from dropbox, if you have used it on your PC on earlier smart phone devices. Dropbox is a cloud storage device, which allows you to store your files, documents and important data online and using this app you can synchronize that data on your phone. It will not take the space of your phone, but all the data will be on internet, and you will access it directly on your phone. This service is also accessible via internet browsers. In dropbox settings, you can opt to save your files automatically into dropbox, so that there will not be any kind of data loss.

These are the basic things for setting up a Samsung Galaxy S4 firstly. I hope, you will like it and take care of these points before starting the use of awesome smartphone Galaxy 4.

Over to you:

If something is missing out there, suggest me or you can drop a comment in the comment box below. Thank You for reading.