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Sometimes dreams are so bitter. And sometimes, these bitter dreams may become true. Oh, I forgot to tell. I am talking about a dream I had few days before which was so scary. Guess, what was it? I have lost my laptop. Yes, I left my laptop (my favorite gadget, I use whole day) in my room and went out without locking my room. When I returned, I was like a guy who has recently lost his job. I was mad and searching it here and there, if I had put it somewhere else. But, I was unable to find it. A lot of tensions in my mind, who has stolen it? How could I get it back and all? But you know, what was good about it, it was just a dream. This tension could not let me sleep and I checked that the laptop was in its place. Relaxed!!! I hate these dreams :-x.

But can you even imagine, how does it feel to lose your favorite gadget? You can only, if you had felt it in past. This is a very scary thing to imagine even. So, why not to take care of the security of your gadget? Yes, you can do something really good for it. What is it?

How to Track lost laptops and smartphones, prey a gadget tracking tool

How do you track your lost laptop or smartphone?

You are in luck, if you are here before losing your gadget. Now, you will be able to keep track of your laptop and smartphones by installing Prey. Prey allows you to track, control and find the lost devices. Let’s have a look how does it work.

How does Prey work?

Instances of stealing the costly gadgets are increasing day by day. Either it is train station, public transport or shopping centers; your little careless may cause you in losing your smartphone or laptop.

Prey is an open source security tool that is used to locate your laptop or smartphone via GPS. It is also able to subtly control key functions and give you the option of locking the device completely. You can report at Prey’s website, if your device has stolen; and you have your device registered.

After you have reported that your device is stolen, whenever the thief will connect to the internet using the device, Prey will send you e-mails regarding the data and the location (approximate) of the device. It also sends a screenshot of the current desktop activity and several webcam photos. You can activate Prey also with and SMS (GO PREY) if you are using it on a smartphone.

How to Install and Configure Prey?

Prey is available for almost every popular operating systems Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android systems. Download the file for your device and install it. If you are a new user to the Prey, select the option “New user” to continue. You will also be asked to choose from 2 mutually exclusive “Setup reporting methods”. You can select any one according to your preference but “Prey + Control Panel” is easier and requires to register you for free. Confirm your account form your e-mail.

Another way is to choose the “Prey Standalone”, which drops the web panel and requires the use of your own webspace. By entering your URL into Prey, it will start to monitor the website. When your device is lost, take your website offline to activate the Prey.

When your setup will be completed, your current device will be added to the watch list of your Prey account and the client will integrate it deeply into your OS. It is neither visible nor removable by the thief. One more important feature of Prey is to search for available Wi-Fi networks in the range and attempt to get connected. It is helpful, if the thief is not connecting the device to the internet.

How to activate and use Prey?

If you are using control panel method, you have multiple options for it. You can head to the Prey’s website and select your device and switch the small slider to “Missing”. Prey will ask you some information and after that you should activate the feature “Enable On-Demand” to be able to request updates on the whereabouts of your device regardless of that timer. This feature is available only in Pro versions.

There is a section named as “Information to gather”, that determines which kind of data Prey is supposed to retrieve and transmit while giving updates. Make sure that other features like Geo, Network, Session, Webcam etc. are enabled.

If you suspect to be in close vicinity to your device, you can even enable an acoustic 30 seconds alarm or send the thief a message. These actions are under “Actions to perform” tab. Use, these very carefully. Once discovered, prey is quickly rendered useless and thieves will likely to get rid of it.

After it, you can contact the police to get your device back, which is suggested instead of asking by yourself to the thief.


  1. To prevent formatting the hard drive, setup a bios password. It will prevent the thief to delete your data and OS.
  2. Keep your data encrypted, so that the thief could not check your data or modify it.

I hope, you will like using the Prey and I will be happy to know if it is useful for you. So comment below your views and doubts. Thank you.

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