Samsung has launched its “Samsung Galaxy Note 3” with a troublesome feature of “Region Lock”.

What is Samsung Note 3 Region Lock?

Samsung Note 3 shipped from Europe and US came with a sticker on the box stating that, “Note 3 could only be used with a SIM card from the region it was purchased in”.

This provided an issue for those intending on purchasing it from one of the UK or US and then using the phone outside the Europe/US.

It is also a problem for frequent overseas traveler.

Region Locking means that you cannot use a European device with an American, Middle Eastern or Asian SIM card. You’d still be able to use the European SIM all over the world, but you would not be able to use a local SIM card while travelling outside of Europe – which would of course be much cheaper.

How to unlock Samsung Note 3 Region Lock?

Chainfire one of the well-known members of xda-developers forum, who developed method for  rooting Galaxy Note 3 also has created an app “RegionLock Away” that will resolve your region lock issue.

The region lock is implemented in the form of a network blacklist. This blacklist blocks a number of whole countries and carriers, while a SIM lock whitelists one specific carrier. This app clears the network blacklist (region lock), but it will not remove a SIM lock. So, for example, using this app will not allow you to use your T-Mobile US device on the AT&T network.

Compatible devices
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 (MI7 firmware)

Chainfire suggested that this app work only on rooted mobiles so it is better to buy a region unlock code to remove region lock instead of using this app (Rooting your device for just removing region lock doesn’t make sense as rooting will void your device warranty). But if you have already rooted your device or want to root your Samsung note 3 for other reason as well then you can buy this app from Google play store.

Download RegionLock Away