Are you fed-up of keeping track of your blood sugar on a diary? Do you forget to take your Diabetes medicine often?

I have one solution for you. Today we have brought a most popular ‘iDiabetesDiabetes Glucose Tracker’ mobile app for you.

It’s an all in one mobile app that help you in keeping track of your ‘blood sugar report’, medication, medicines, doctor visits and many more.

This app has been developed by iHealth Ventures LLC. iDiabetes works perfectly on your iPhone, iPad and iPod.

A medical survey have confirmed that self-monitoring of blood Glucose (SMBG) can aid in diabetes control (source)

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Main Features of iDiabetes

1-      You can add your blood sugar reading with date and time.

2-      You can see change in your blood sugar level over a period of time.

3-      You can keep track of your insulin injected.

4-      You can keep track of your exercise and food (calorie consumption).

5-      You can e-mail your report to your doctor directly.

6-      Medication reminder.

Price – 170 INR or $2.99

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