There is good news for those who love freedom with jailbreak iOS.

@planetbeing member of the popular jailbreak team ‘evad3rs’ tweeted yesterday that their team is very close to jailbreak for the iOS7.

According to the tweet sent by @planetbeing – Their team is working on iOS jailbreak project and now they are getting closer to a jailbreak for iSO 7 but @planebeing also added that they are not certain yet.

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We want to add here that Apple has recently launched the iOS 7 patch update iOS 7.0.2 and there is a rumor that possibly another patch update iOS 7.0.3 is on the way and expected to be released somewhere next week.

We are expecting that Apple will release an updated iOS version iOS 7.1 later in this month in the Apple’s event.

Now it might be possible that final version of jailbreak iOS 7 will be available once ‘evad3rs’ teams explore the iOS 7.1 as well.

Let’s wait what will come first a jailbreak iOS 7 or iOS 7.1 update.