Whole world is eagerly waiting for next Apple’s product – “iPhone 5S Release Date”.

According to AllThingsD Apple will launch its next iPhone that will be known as ‘iPhone 5S’ at a special event on Sep, 10.

Apple has not revealed the name of iPhone but it’s been a rumor in the market that it will be ‘iPhone 5S’.

New ‘iPhone 5S’ will be using iOS7. Apple has released iOS7 in a developer’s event in June this year. Usually Apple releases the iOS first and then performs testing on it for next couple of months and then finally releases its product with new iOS.

iOS7 has a new design (menu and icons), better connectivity experience with cloud and many other improved multi-tasking features.

Low Cost iOS enabled iPhone

There is also another rumor in the market that Apple may launch a low price iPhone to target mid-range smartphone market. It will be something around $100 to $200 in cost.

AllThingsD also mentioned that Apple is also working on next generation Mac desktops, Smart Watch and TV products but they will not revealed it in Sep 10 event.