Indian Railway and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) provides online passenger reservation system for trains. Anyone can register at IRCTC and can get reservation by payment through online banking, credit card, debit card etc. and need not to go at the reservation window for booking a ticket. But there has been always a problem with their site that it has been always criticized due to its website failing to cope up with the massive number of bookings.

To improve the website, IRCTC is continuously working on it. Recently, IRCTC has launched an app for Windows 8 users or say windows users who are using smartphone, tablets or may be PC in collaboration with Microsoft.

This app has a different interface as compared to its mobile and web counterparts and is based on Windows Phones’ modern UI design.

This app is providing the basic facility of booking the e-ticket of Railways as well as a range of other services such as checking the PNR status, train routes, available seats, cancellation, booking history, favorites and much more.

What is TPIN in IRCTC app?

Unlike the website of IRCTC, user has to enter the TPIN to log in on the IRCTC app on the Windows 8 Platform. TPIN can be generated by logging in to IRCTC. After logging in to the IRCTC, user can generate the TPIN using TPIN option placed below the booking form. IRCTC provides the TPIN on the web as well as the registered mobile number also. If you wish to change the mobile number, you can use the update profile option. If you are unable to understand it, this app will tell you, how to generate the TPIN. So, no worries.

Features of the App

Interface of the app is very smooth and it is easy to navigate, once logged in. The app consists of many features like: “Plan Your Trip”, “Check Your PNR Status”, “Passenger Info”, “Quick Book”, and “Cancellation”.

It is much faster than its web version and shows the auto suggestions very quickly for station codes provided. The app shows the availability of tickets up to 4 post days of the booking date.  The process of booking a ticket is quite simple and it is having options for entering your seat preferences also. You can add an adult or child person too. The payment can be done using mobile/net banking. Debt cards or credit cards also. PNR enquiry status will allow you to check the status of your ticket while cancellation allows to cancel your reserved ticket.

As we know that there are much Android and iOS users than Windows, but this app for windows is a great option to move people to Windows phone because of the smooth and quick working of this very much needed app. This app by IRCTC has made the booking so simple. Now, it is in beta version, and we would like to check out that what features it will provide more in the future to make it more popular.

Have you tried this app? Just give it a try and let us know about your experience with this app. We will be happy to hear from you.