Everything is talking about Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. It has great looks, high processor, more RAM, high resolution HD display, fantastic camera and blah blah…. (lot more to say about its features).

Yesterday I noticed one issue (rather I would say missing functionality) while typing a message on my friend’s Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. There was no auto-correct options was coming while I was typing.

Where is the Auto Correct functionality Samsung?

It seems like Samsung has forgot to add ‘Auto Correct’ feature in its latest flagship mobile ‘Galaxy S4’. Well auto-correct functionality was there in ‘Samsung Galaxy S2’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy S3’ but it is not available in ‘Samsung Galaxy S4’.

May be I am not that intelligent to understand the Samsung intention to keep out this extremely useful functionality from ‘Galaxy S4’.

Well I did some search on Google and found solution to the issue (Oops missing functionality).

Auto correct feature, Samsung Galaxy S4 how to, Jelly Bean Keyboard app, Auto correct feature missing in Galaxy S4How to enable Auto-Correct feature in Samsung Galaxy S4?

Step 1- Download Jelly Bean Keyboard – It is a free keyboard app available in Google android app store, it looks and functions just like the stock keyboard in Jelly Bean.

Step 2- Install the app on your Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Step 3- After installation; launch the Jelly Bean Keyboard app.

Step 4- Being a first time user, you’ll see a walk-through that talks about how you can use the app.

Step 5- Click on Menu –> Settings –> Language and input on your device.

Step 6- Click on Default and change the default keyboard to Jelly Bean Keyboard.

Step 7– Oops there is no step 7, that means you’re done!

Now it’s time to enjoy your favorite auto-correct feature while typing SMS, email or Notes.