There are lots of “ifs and but” that comes to your mind when you are pregnant. You want to know what to eat, what not to eat, what to do, what not to do, how your baby is growing, how your baby is feeling and many more similar things.

There are lots of books are available in the market that you can buy and read to get answer of all your queries.

Well book is not that handy stuff as you can’t keep it every time with you. So we have a solution to your problem; we have collected top 5 mobiles apps that provide you answer to all your queries and guide you throughout your pregnancy. Mobile is very handy thing and you can keep it every time with you.

1-      What to Expect (Pregnancy Tracker): “What to” is a well-known name in online world. It is a bible of pregnancy. This app provide you week by week pregnancy details, pictures of your belly and you can read the other discussion going in their community related to pregnancy.

2-      I’m Expecting Pregnancy App: This is more enhanced mobile app for pregnant moms. It provides weekly update about the changes in your baby and body both. You can keep track of your pregnancy symptoms and can compare it with others. You can keep track of your weight, doctor’s appointment, visits, reports and tests. You can see images of babies developed by expert and you can upload and shares your own baby bump photos as well.

3-      My Pregnancy Today: This is another most famous mobile app from well-known online website ‘BabyCenter’. This app provides you information about you and your baby on daily basis. It provide you fetal development images, pregnancy check lists, you can connect with others moms due at same time using birth club section of this app. It also acts as your nutrition guide. You can keep track of your baby kicks using kick tracker.

4-      BabyBump Pregnancy: We can say that it is all in one apps for pregnant women or to be moms. It provides lots of features like, weekly pregnancy updates, fetal development images, discussion groups for moms, baby name guide, contraction tracker, kick counter, weight tracking, pregnancy countdown and many more.

5-      Happy Pregnancy Ticker: As the name indicates it help you to make your pregnancy a happy pregnancy. This app also provide weekly updates about your pregnancy and baby growth, contraction counter, kick tracker, keep track of your doctor’s visits, test, reports and random facts.

All the above apps are free mobile apps for pregnant women. They all are easy to install and easy to use and are able to answer all your queries related to pregnancy.

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