Apps are the first thing any smart device has, and if they are free and awesome, why to wait? Just grab them. Yeah, I am going to discuss the apps which are available for recently launched smartphone by Apple, iPhone 5S for free or they are built in already. These apps are always with you, either you are at work or may be taking a rest, you want entertainment or want to get the latest news, you want to plan a holiday or weekend, or anything else. Let’s start with these smart apps for a smartphone:
1. FaceTime: FaceTime allows you to create audios and videos. It also allows calls over Wi-Fi or cellular to another iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac devices. FaceTime camera is used in front for chatting. Another iSight camera on the back is used to share the view from your end.

2. iSight Camera: iPhone 5S contains of 8MP iSight Camera. iSight Camera allows you to take ultimate pics, even in the bad lights. It creates epic panorama images, shoots in square format and apply eight live filters.

3. Siri: Siri is an awesome app, which you are going to love. What does basically Siri do is helping you. Suppose you want to know something and you ask the question, Siri will answer you. It will also make happen to your given tasks like “Find me a table for two at Seven Hills around 7 pm” and Siri will make it happen. Siri understands 8 languages.

4. Maps: Maps are of incredibly sharp graphics and text which work fine in a better zoom too. It also mentions real-time traffic, provides photo-realistic and interactive 3D views with Flyover mode.

5. Safari: Safari is the web browser for iPhone 5S, which is browsing at its most beautiful. Visibility of the pages is crisp and sharp. Loading speed is also good. You can tap the reader icon to read the web articles without ads or distractions. You can view items on your reading list on any device, no matter, even you are offline.

6. Passbook: Passbook stores boarding passes, tickets, coupons, and much more. You have to just scan your iPhone. It automatically displays them on your Lock screen at the time when you need them.

7. Video: Video allows you to check out the latest episodes of your loved TV shows over breakfast. You can watch HD movie while travelling on the bus. You can enjoy everything without any letter boxing on the big 4-inch retina display as it was meant to be.

8. App Store: App store contains the best collection of mobile apps. The app store contains over 900,000 apps. Many of the apps are free to help people to be more productive.

9. Game Center: Game center is full of entertainments. You can challenge your friends or take on any opponent six time zones away. When you are done dominating, you can check the leader boards for scores and achievements.

10. Newsstand: All the magazines and newspapers you subscribe to are in your hands with the Newsstand app. It downloads new issues in the background automatically, so you can keep reading. To search for new titles, you can check the Store button.

11. Voice Memos: Voice memos are best way to keep your thought save so that they do not slip after sometimes or you can catch them later by using Voice Memos. Once you have recorded, you can edit is later and also send it via email, iMessage or MMS.

12. Compass: Just hold your phone flat in your hand to see the four cardinal directions and the degrees of each. Or swipe to the left for a level or inclinometer. This is what Compass app do.

I hope, you loved to read this article. If you are going to give iPhone 5S a try, then using these apps will be awesome for you.