Reverse Image Search – It is a process in which you search about an Image or Image related content through Image.

Seems a bit complex…. Let me simplified it.

How we usually search things on web? We open any search engine (e.g. Google) and put our search phrase in search box and click on ‘Search’ or ‘Submit’ button. Search engine returns us pages that match with your search term(s).

Now think a situation where you have an image with you and you want to know where that image has been used on web or you want to know more related information about that image. What will you do?

How to search by Image?

This is where “Reverse Image Search” comes into the picture. Reverse image search allows end users to discover content that is related to a specific sample image (image that is uploaded by user to search), popularity of an image, and discover manipulated versions and derivative works.

Reverse Image Search on Google

Google, most popular search engine provides ‘Reverse Image Search’ (search by image) functionality.

How to search by Image using Google

It is very easy to ‘search by image’ using Google search. Follow below steps

1 – Open or alternative open default Google search and choose Image option.

2 – Click on ‘Camera’ image (available on the right hand side of search box)

reverse image search, search by image

3 – You will get two options

reverse image search, search by image

  • Enter an image URL that is available on the web
  • Upload an image that is saved on your computer.

4 – Click on ‘Search by Image’ button

Result page can include non-image results like webpages that seem relevant or similar to the image that you searched for.

Note: When we use search by image functionality of Google, any images that we upload or any URLs that we submit will be stored by Google. Google uses those images and URLs solely to provide and improve our products and services.