SmartWatch? What is it? Obviously this question has struck into your mind after reading the heading above. Yeah, Samsung has launched a Smartwatch named as Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Gear is now officially announced and it is very unlike for anything which has been seen/invented yet. Having a detailed description regarding Samsung Galaxy Gear:

What are the specifications of Samsung Galaxy Gear?

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is going to have these amazing specifications:

  • It is very much like a smartphone accessory that can control the music system, pick up the notifications, and keep time with a very rich variety of watch faces.
  • A 1.9MP camera is associated with it along with a speaker and two microphones, which allow us to shoot 720p movies.
  • 4GB of onboard storage.
  • Phone calls can be conducted using Samsung Galaxy Gear.
  • It has a single core 800MHz processor.
  • A 1.63-inch super AMOLED display with 320×320 resolution.
  • A metal face, a buckle and 6 different shades of adjustable wrist band.

We can say that Galaxy Gear is full of attractive features. It has an ability to find your Galaxy (or Gear via your Galaxy). Samsung said that there are more than 70 apps which can be installed via the Samsung Galaxy Gear Manager app on your phone. Having these much features, it has some down sides which are as below:

Downsides of Samsung Galaxy Gear

  • It’s not a standalone phone. It relies on a Bluetooth connection to your Samsung Galaxy device in order to perform its most of the connected tasks.
  • The Gear is compatible with only newly launched and upcoming smartphones which are Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition while Software update for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II are in order to introduce the compatibility.
  • Speed of the user interface is not sufficient.
  • Swipe gestures are hard to figure out the exact menu location.
  • The speaker built into the buckles is too quiet and hence it is possible to talk only in quiet areas using the Galaxy Gear.
  • It doesn’t playback the music but only has the ability to control in on your output device.
  • Battery life on Galaxy Gear is an issue as it is having 315mAh as the use with Bluetooth 4.0 energy standard communication.

Samsung Galaxy Gear: Price and Release

Samsung has revealed that the sale of Samsung Galaxy Gear will go on from 25th Sep, 2013. The official price of the Smartwatch will be £299.

So, it is a basic review of Samsung Galaxy Gear, but is it really worth buying or it will be just a waste of money? Having so many downsides along with these awesome features creates a little bit confusion regarding this device. But as soon as the product will be in the market, we can have more idea about its actual capacities and strength which will decide the feature of this Smartwatch. What do you think about Galaxy Gear? Let us know via comment section.