Whenever any new gadget comes into the market it brings a lots of issues and bugs as well (Nothing can be bug free).

Samsung has recently launched ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 3’. People have started exploring its features and bugs too.

One of the major issues that Samsung Note 3 users are facing is “Handwriting to text is not working properly

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Many people have raised this issue in various Android/Samsung forums that they are facing issues while using ‘handwriting to text’ feature.

One of the XDA-Developer forum members posted that

“When using handwriting to text on the Samsung keyboard of Galaxy note 3, the writing just remains and does not convert to text; after click other buttons available on the keyboard it crashes. Whereas regular input and all other aspects of the keyboard working fine, even direct pen input is working fine.”

Till now there is no permanent solution for this issue but we are hoping that Samsung will release a patch very soon.

We have a temporary solution that works fine until you close the app and re-launch it

Temporary Solution – Just changed the date & Time setting to yesterday (a day before). If it works fine then please update us.

If you find a permanent solution of this issue then let us know using comment section we will update this article accordingly.