It seems that people like Golden color gadgets (especially smartphones). Apple has recently launched champagne colored iPhone 5S and now today (wed, 25 Sep) Samsung has launched two Galaxy S4 Gold variants for gulf markets.

Samsung has informed about Golden color Samsung Galaxy S4 through Twitter and their Facebook SamsungGulf Fan page.

It’s a great move by Samsung as champagne color iPhone 5S is a hit among the buyer and by launching golden color Galaxy S4, Samsung is following the market trend.

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In the above image first Samsung Galaxy S4 is a Gold & Brown edition with golden accent around the edges and chocolaty brown at front and rear.

Second golden Galaxy S4 variant seems to launch to attract female buyers. It is having pink colored front and rear, with golden accent on the edges.

Right now Samsung is planning to launch these golden color Galaxy S4 only in Gulf countries and then based on performance they will launch it worldwide.

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