Hi All,

Myself Sandeep Kumar; I am author and owner of this blog. Yesterday I was talking with one of my friend about the “Social Networking sites”.

Agenda of discussion was – “Are these social networking sites adding values to our daily life or degrading value of the life style like a slow poison?”

Social Networking Sites

There are lots of social networking sites specially Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Recent survey clearly states that on an average every online user spent 15-16 hours per month on Facebook [source1].

You can calculate that we are spending a major portion of our day to day life on social networking sites and living in virtual world.

Are these social networking sites bringing us close to each other or keeping us limited to online only?


I know that there are lots of good thing about social networking sites like

  • You can search your old school friend and can contact them.
  • You get all updates from your friends and family by seeing their status messages and photos.
  • You get all birthday and anniversary notification of your friends and family and you need not to keep remember all.

But are we really coming close to our friends and family through these social networking sites?

I don’t think so. Don you think that, ‘Sharing photos with your friends’, ‘liking each other status and images’ or ‘wishing birthday or anniversary’ through these social networking sites limiting our conversation online only.

Social networking has decreased the trend of social gathering; that was a good way to meet new people, help each other and create a healthy social environment around you.

Kids and Teenagers prefer to spent time on internet instead of outdoor or indoor games?


Another negative impact of these social networking sites is, kids and teenagers are becoming addicted of social networking sites. They prefer to be online on these websites instead of participating in outdoor or indoor games.

This addiction is decreasing habit of physical activities in kids and teenagers.

Apart from less physical activities social networking sites can harm your kids in many ways like

  • Cyber-bullying
  • Adult Content
  • Harassment
  • Identity Theft

Account hacking, social abuse, malicious comment and personal attack on individual are very common on social networking sites and these activities can put negative mental impact on your kids and teenagers.

What you guys think about social networking sites? How mush beneficial for us and how much harmful for us? How we can use it to add values to our life without impacting our social/personal life? How we can keep our kids safe from social networking sites without imposing more rules and regulation on them?