So, everyone is getting excited about Valentine’s Day as it is not very far from now. People are trying hard to impress their lovers and want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day at its peak.

In meantime, social media sites like Facebook is very popular due to its applications on Valentine’s Day. There are many apps which are telling you who will be your valentine, crush and gifts on this Valentine’s Day, you will receive. If you are also searching for this kind of apps, and want to know about your valentine or love percentage or gifts from these apps, I have built a list of top applications. Have a look at this list and try these apps J

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Top 5 Facebook Apps for Valentine’s Day 2014

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Give Hearts

Give Hearts is a very cool application to use on this Valentine’s Day. This application is having a great collection of heart shaped designs like diamond heart, rose heart, passionate kiss heart etc. These hearts are also available in shapes of animals, countries’ flags, different colors and more. So, send your sweetheart a heart using this app.


If you are single, this app BeNaughty is for you. You can update your profile, have chats and find  perfect dates in your area with the partner of your interest and who knows, whether you  get a good relationship through this app.

123 Greetings Cards

This is a wonderful application, which is not only for Valentine’s Day, but it may be used in daily life also as for presenting greeting cards on birthday to your friends etc. But, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, you will find very useful cards for your partner on 123 Greetings Cards.

Fun Cards – Birthday & More!

As per the name of this application, Fun Cards is one more application which will allow you to send cards to your partner. Its name says birthday and more, and you need more now, because Valentine’s Day 2014 is on its way and not much time is remaining. So, start making cards and wishing your partner.

Talking Angela

This is basically a Facebook page, which has few applications inside it, where you can buy gifts for your partner. There are many awesome gifts, which I saw and you would like to gift those to your partner. I hope, that this will help you in getting ideas for your gift also.

Final Words

I hope, these apps will be very helpful for you and will entertain you a lot. If you are having any great ideas for more fun on this Valentine’s Day, I am waiting for your amazing comments. And, tell me which applications did you like most here, which I mentioned above after trying them out. Thank you for reading these Facebook apps on Valentine’s Day and your suggestions in advance J

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014