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So, you all must be well known about Google glass yet as it has been enough time, since it was launched. Google glass is an awesome invention by leading tech company Google.

Do you own one Google Glass? Are you one of those awesome persons? Or are you going to buy one? If you are confused about Google glass, whether to purchase or not, what are more benefits of Google Glass, I am going to put some wonderful Google Glass apps in front of you. I hope that will make you to think to have one Google glass:

Best apps for Google Glass, Google Glassware apps, Evernote for Google Glass

List of Useful Google Glass Apps

Crystal Shopper

Crystal Shopper is a very useful application for Google glasses. It can scan the barcodes on the products and tell you the maximum and minimum prices for that product. It also tells the amazon reviews and other informations related to the product. Hence, this is a very useful app which will help you from being cheated while shopping by telling the best prices and discounts. This awesome app is designed by Lance Nanek from USA.

Glass Feeds

Glass Feeds may be one of your favorite apps also. This app is developed by James Betker. Glass Feeds let you select your favorite news sources and show the latest stories related to the news on your Google Glass. Basically, it will keep you in contact with your favorite topics and news.

Google Drive Photo

Using Google Glass you can easily take pictures of something that is happening nearby you. You do not need extra efforts like in using your phone and hence less efforts, more comfort in taking pictures. But, what if the storage capacity is over of your Google Glass? Yes, it is limited. You can use Google Drive Photo for this use and it automatically updates your all photos to your Google Drive folder, so that you do not run out of memory ever.

Glass To Do

Glass To Do allows you to put your to-do-list in front of your eyes. Using Glass To Do you can add thing to the Glass navigations system’s left hand side and hence, it will be always there. Tapping this allows you to add something in your list just by speaking out things. Once you finish speaking, these are automatically saved. Using rest of the glass, you can view the list and delete unwanted items using navigation system.

Blogger Controls

Are you a blogger like me? Do you publish your articles on your blog and having a Google glass? Why not to give this app a try? All of the social sharing services allow you to push images, videos etc. from your Google glass to that particular Social Networking site. Blogger Controls is an app, which is also doing same thing for you. It allows you to publish a post by using your voice. Glass voice to text service converts your voice to text and you do not need to write whole article and you can easily publish it in very less time. Using this app, you can also respond to the comment on blog posts. This tool is very useful for users who are using Blogger service especially and updates are expected as the time passes. It is created by Christopher Bartholomew. WordPress users can use wpForGlass application designed by Weber Shandwick.

As being a new gadget, there are more awesome apps are going to be launched in near future. If you are having a Google glass or have used any of these apps, let me know which one is your favorite. Also mention, if I have missed any awesome application. Let’s discuss in comments